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How You Became One                    without blame before Him in love” (1:4).
                                              He desired a people compatible with His
          No papal bull or synod was involved.   very character. At conversion, we were
        It did not take centuries of time, nor did   not only forgiven but declared righteous,
        it take proof of miracles (thankfully). And   reborn with a “holy seed,” indwelt by the
        most likely, it all happened without even   Holy Spirit, and made fit to be a partaker
        your awareness. The status of “sainthood”   of the inheritance with the “saints” in light
        was only one of the more than a score   (Col 1:12). Mercy, not merit, made us holy
        of things that occurred the moment you   in God’s sight.
        came into the good of God’s salvation.   Theologians refer to this as our stand-
        You were constituted a saint in a moment   ing in Christ. It is what we are by virtue
        of time.                              of what Christ has accomplished for us.
          Are all believers saints? Allow the Word   We have been constituted “saints” or
        of God to answer. Despite the rather   “holy ones.” The word can also mean that
        “unsaintly” behavior of the believers   we have been “set apart” to God for His
        in Corinth, Paul wrote to them and ad-  pleasure. Grace has taken us “out of the
        dressed them as “saints” (1Co 1:2). The   world” and placed us in Christ, for God’s
        writer to the Hebrews characterized them   pleasure (Eph 1).
        as “holy brethren” (Heb 3:1), despite   No failure on our part, no accusation
        the wavering of many to whom he was   from the adversary and no circumstance
        writing. We are “holy and beloved” (Col   in life can alter the standing we have
                                              before God.
        3:12), and all that were in the assemblies
        in Rome were designated as “saints”   Becoming What You Became
        (Rom 1:7).                              We enjoy, by virtue of grace and the
          How did this come about? Ephesians   work of Christ, a standing of holiness,
        supplies the answer. God’s great redemp-  or as “saints,” in the presence of God.
        tive plan, from before the foundation of   ¹ Bible quotations in this article are from the
        the world, was that we might be “holy and   KJV.

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