The following information is provided as a courtesy to the listed trust funds and to our readers who may wish to use them for the distribution of fellowship to evangelists and missionaries commended by local assemblies.

The listed trust funds exist and operate independently from the Truth and Tidings Magazine.

Gospel Perpetuating Foundation

Kerrisdale Professional Center
#380-2025 West 42nd Avenue
Vancouver, BC V6M 2B5

Gospel Trust Canada

3 Hill Top Trail
Stouffville, ON L4A 7X4

Truth & Tidings Gospel Trust, U.S.A.

34742 Bretton Drive
Livonia, MI 48152


Commended Worker Listing

Gospel Trust Canada provides a link to their printer-ready Commended Worker Listing at the top of the page, or you may inquire with any of the above trusts for contact information and other details of workers in and from North America.  An annual list of workers will no longer appear in the Truth & Tidings June issue nor on this website.