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between the two chapters? You did! The   ent unto death, even the death of the cross”
          eternal God of Genesis 1 is the personal   (Phil 2:7-8, KJV).
          God of Genesis 2.                      William Kelly calls this the lowliness of
             This fact, that God is a personal, loving,   love. Emptied of reputation, the Lord Jesus
          with-us God, is the foundation of our com-  Christ humbled Himself to suffer, moving
          passion. In Genesis 3, a very short time af-  among us in our sin. He didn’t come for a
          ter Adam and Eve sinned, we see this in   few hours and go back to His ivory palaces
          action. Adam and Eve have ruined God’s   that night. He didn’t declare God’s love in a
          perfect creation and changed heaven and   grandiose statement and return to heaven
          earth with a single bite. Even so, we find the   with blinding light. He came as a lowly
          Lord God walking in the cool of the day   man, and He came here to be with us. He
          looking for them. “Where are you?” He   touched our diseases when no one else
          asks. Everything is ruined. The wheels of   would come near. He rolled up His sleeves
          time that will one day see God’s Son suffer   and got muddy hands so we’d see.  He
          for sin lurch forward, yet God still wants to   helped our unbelief, and He cried real tears
          be with us. Not to destroy or berate, but to   for God’s sheep without a shepherd. He
          be with us. Sin started with humankind   lived and He died for us, going even to
          and causes our suffering by separation, but   death on a cross.
          compassion starts with God, Who suffers
          with us. No matter how difficult things get,   In God’s eyes, the cross defines com-
          He remains the Father of Compassion   passion. The one Who suffers with us is the
          (2Cor 1:3), waiting quietly, suffering be-  one Who suffered for us. Sin brought sepa-
          side us, arms cradling our steps. Perhaps   ration, pain, loneliness, weakness, and
          you’re more like the person in pain at the   death, so the Lord Jesus went there for us,
          start of this story. Others cast weak smiles   right to where the problem was. He knows.
          for you, and their whispers bring no com-  Beloved, God will never ask you to do
          fort to your gloom. Beloved, He knows. He   something, to endure something, or to sur-
          is always whispering, “Where are you?”   vive something that He Himself, in Christ,
          from the lowest, thickest darkness.  has not done. You might ask where God is.
                                              Why me? When is this going to end? But in
          Our Compassionate Savior            your asking, you must know that God is
             Philippians 2 isn’t a Bible passage for   right here, right with us. He will suffer with
          the faint of heart. In it, the Apostle Paul   us each step of the way until there are no
          exhorts the Christians to serve each other   more tears  or sorrows – until there is no
          in order to build a strong, compassionate   more pain, death, or sin. Trust me when I
          fellowship. Don’t let anyone convince you   say, from experience, He has never stopped
          that compassion, that suffering love, is for   whispering, “Where are you?” to those
          the weak. These relationships must run   who are suffering.
          deep, and be full of the character of the
          Lord Jesus Christ. He “made Himself of no   Our Compassionate Fellowship
          reputation, and took upon Him the form   The verses in Philippians 2 that con-
          of a servant, and was made in the likeness of   vince us of the compassion of the Lord
          men: And being found in fashion as a man,   Jesus Christ require great responsibility,
          He humbled Himself and became obedi-  too. Here and in other places, the strange

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