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ou know he’s there. So does every-  who are characterized by it are among the
                one else. The torment on his face is   strongest, most godly of Christians.
                palpable,  a  single  tattered  and
        Yblotted cover revealing pages of     Our Compassionate God
        pain inside. She smiles a nervous smile, but   Compassion begins with God, so if we
        isn’t fooling anyone – her eyes betray fear,   want to learn what it means, we must start
        rimmed red and silently crying out for help.   with Him. If you flip or swipe to the begin-
        Most of your friends, even believers, smile   ning of your Bible and skim the first few
        weakly in her direction and get through their   chapters, you’ll find something extraordi-
        “hellos” as quickly as possible. They retreat to   nary. In Genesis chapter 1, God is named
        their space and the comfort of less emotion-  Elohim, the strong and eternal maker of
        ally demanding friends. Some go out of their   Heaven and Earth, and He is a flurry of activ-
        way to avoid the mess entirely. Don’t let this   ity. God divinely creates, makes, says, sees,
        be you. Go to them. Not for the evening, the   calls, and does for six days. His power is awe-
        week, or whenever; go for as long as they need   some. He is the God of the universe! Reading
        you. They can’t, and likely won’t, offer you   chapter 2, we might be tempted to think it’s
        anything in return. You won’t know what to   just a summary of the first chapter. It’s not.
        do. You’ll be exhausted.  You may get hurt,   Notice that here, the Scripture refers not to
        and you may not be thanked. The endeavor   God, but to the Lord God! What’s the differ-
        won’t earn you fame, wealth, or even satisfac-  ence? The Lord God means Jehovah, or the
        tion. To take on labor like this is to assume   God Who is with and near to us. Jehovah,
        one of the most understated, but valuable of   Who was, Who is, and Who will be, is a
        Christian virtues, compassion. Compassion   name God takes to describe His relationship
        literally means “to suffer with,” and those   to each of His people. So, what happened
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