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three times he had denied his Lord. Restored,        The failure of an Elimelech in going
re-commissioned, and in fellowship with his      down to Moab (Ruth 1) resulted in Ruth
Lord, he stepped forth on the day of Pentecost   being brought into the lineage of the
and witnessed for the Lord to the Jews who       Messiah. David’s failure with Bathsheba
were in Jerusalem. God did a mighty work         was costly to him (four sons were lost),
and Peter was the vessel, a broken, failing      but God brought a Solomon out of it.
man, yet used by God.                            Gomer proved unfaithful to Hosea, yet
                                                 the Lord used it to teach Hosea some-
    What kind of men and women does He           thing of the grief of God’s own heart over
use? Those who have learned through their        Israel.
own failure, that they are broken and failing
creatures who must constantly depend on              Examples can be multiplied and il-
Him for enablement, and who realize that         lustrations marshaled to show that grace
any positive result from their ministry is due   is able to overcome and redeem the past.
to Him and not to self. He employs those         The law of sowing and reaping is still val-
who have begun to learn their own hearts as a    id; not all the results of sin can be undone.
microcosm of those to whom they minister.        But God is able to extract from our fail-
He employs failures and makes them fruitful.     ures that which can further His work
                                                 among others. Calvary stands as an elo-
The Reign of Grace                               quent testimony to the fact that God can
                                                 use the worst of men and the worst men
    To act in conscious disobedience and self-   can do, to further His purposes.
will, thinking that by His grace, God will
right our wrongs and bring good out of it, is        An awareness of the sovereignty of
to abuse grace. God is a God of matchless and    God should never foster careless living in
measureless grace. As great as His grace is, we  our lives. It should, however, serve as an
cannot presume upon Him.                         incentive to give Him our very best, rec-
                                                 ognizing failure within and failure with-
    For those who have recognized their fail-    out, leaving all in His secure and mighty
ure, however, and sought to return to the        hands. Never allow the clouds of the past
Lord, there is the wonderful reality that God    to control the present and cancel your fu-
can work His purposes despite our failure.       ture. Give God your best!
God is so great in His sovereignty and in His
ways, that He is able to take the worst that         God does not want us living with the
men can do and use it for His glory.             past; He wants us to learn from the past.

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