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son being born to Sarah through Abraham.           (v10). Instead of continuing to represent the
God in mercy, intervened. When God re-             Lord in idolatrous Israel, he was sitting under
buked Abimelech, He spoke of Abraham as a          a juniper tree away in the south of Beersheba.
Prophet (God never speaks in a negative way        A sense of his own failure overwhelmed him
about His people to the ungodly). The man          and led to paralysis in his service for God.
who was raised up to be a blessing to the na-
tions had now become a hindrance and a                 Each of us, as well, can fall prey to this
problem. From the depths of his shame and          same malady and become wrapped in chains
futility, Abraham rose to the heights of           of introspection and self-analysis. Mindless
Genesis 22 and the mountain in Moriah.             service that is never examined is not to be
                                                   encouraged. A healthy balance is necessary
    Jonah failed to obey God. There was a          when evaluating the results of service and
huge stain over his life. Self-will, bigotry, an-  motives.
ger, selfishness, and a host of other fleshly
traits marred his testimony. Yet God used              Results must be left with God. Motives
him, and the Lord Jesus spoke in positive          must be examined in the light of God’s pres-
tones of him in the NewTestament, even em-         ence and all that is not consistent, confessed,
ploying his failure as a picture of His death      and owned in His presence. But then He ex-
and resurrection (Matt 12:39-41).                  pects us to get back in the race, and not to
                                                   find a juniper tree for ourselves.
    Get your eyes off the stain. If you have
owned your failure in the presence of God,         The Gain of Recovery
repented and forsaken it, He has promised
that it has been forgiven. If the failure has          Picture the scene in your imagination.
been major and public, then trust, and the         The Lord Jesus had disclosed to His disciples
confidence of your brethren and sisters, will      on at least four occasions that He would rise
take time to be restored, but the stain of the     from the dead after His crucifixion. Yet, they
past does not have to mark you the remain-         did not believe Him. He appeared to Mary
der of your life. John Mark came back from a       who ran to tell the disciples; again they failed
failure and was a profitable servant for God       to believe her words. He had appeared to the
(2 Tim 4:11).                                      two on the Emmaus road (Luke 24) who had
                                                   returned to tell the disciples that He was alive
The Chain of Paralysis                             (Mark 16:12, 13); they refused to believe
                                                   them. Then He personally appeared to the 11
    Over-occupation with failure can lead to       who were still marked by unbelief. We read
paralysis. Some are more prone to introspec-       that the Lord “upbraided them with their un-
tion than others. For some with unrealistic        belief and hardness of heart because they be-
goals and perfectionistic tendencies, the          lieved not them which had seen Him after He
awareness of failure can be devastating.           was risen” (Mark 16:14). Yet, in the very next
Insecure personalities tend to ruminate over       breath He told them, “Go ye into all the
the one negative comment, forgetting the 10        world and preach the gospel” (v14). He used
positive ones.                                     failing, unbelieving men to further His work
                                                   in the world.
    Elijah was rendered inactive because of
unreasonable expectations, unhealthy com-              Peter would concur with all this. He had
parisons (“I am not better than my fathers,”       failed publicly and pathetically at the fireside
1Kings 19:4), and his “I alone” mentality          in the palace court. Not once, not twice, but

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