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You look back over the past and all you   is possible to have pure motives in your ser-
can see are times when you did not do what    vice for God. Sin has, like a deadly virus, in-
you ought to have done or you did what        vaded every thought and motive.
you should not have done. Resolutions and
resolve have not somehow carried you              Allow Jeremiah to come to your aid. He
through the trials and challenges. You left   was aware of the hostility of the nation (Jer
the conference with every intention of        16), of the hardness of their heart (16:11, 12;
reading and praying on a regular basis. You   17:1-4), of the hopelessness of his ministry
had resolved to cease that habit which you    (1:17-19). What seemed to crush him was
knew was not pleasing to God, to throw        the awareness of his own heart (Jer 17:9). It
out some of the books, magazines, and         was a microcosm of the nation. “Incurable”
DVDs that are not in keeping with your        and “desperately wicked” are some of the
testimony as a believer. However, in only a   words he uses to describe it. God knew all
short while, you find yourself gravitating    about your heart when He saved you. It will
back and getting involved all over again.     never be any better; you will only discover
                                              greater depths of depravity as time goes on.
    As you analyze your life, you feel as     That does not mean you should give up.
though God could never use you in His
service. Why would He ever trust you with         Does God have a future for failures? Is
anything? Why would He ever give you the      failure final with God? These are crucial
privilege of serving Him?                     questions which demand answers.
                                              Thankfully, the Word of God provides those
    Does God write us off the way insur-      answers in clear and unmistakable language.
ance companies write off wrecks? Does He
wash His hands of us in disgust and disap-    The Stain of Failure
pointment, vowing to place us on the shelf
labeled “damaged goods?”                          Failure may stain a man’s past. Does it
                                              have to define a man’s future? Jacob failed big
    Failure is real; we cannot minimize or    time in his early days. He was a crafty de-
pretend that it did not happen. Failure       ceiver. He fooled his father and got the bless-
marks every one of us in our service and      ing. He treated his wife like an expendable
testimony. There was only one Perfect         commodity; he failed to take leadership in a
Servant, one Faithful Man; all others are     family crisis (Gen 34); he failed to reveal the
faint reflections of His perfection.          character of God to heathen nations (Gen
                                              34:30). However, Jacob ended his days as a
    The greatest pain comes from the dis-     prince with God. He went home to heaven
covery of your own heart. You thought         with his name honored among the Egyptians
your motives were pure and you had only       and his soul in fellowship with God. He
the honor of God and the good of others       profited from the discipline of God in his
before you. Then someone said something,      life, growing and being refined by the Master
someone reacted in a manner you were not      Potter.
expecting, you were confronted in your
own conscience with how self-centered             Abraham knew failure. He went down
your motives were. As time goes on, you       to Gerar (Gen 20) and lied about Sarah be-
find, like peeling an onion, that there are   ing his wife. Left to himself, he would have
even deeper levels of deceit and selfishness  placed a serious hindrance in the way of
which infect every motive. You despair if it  God, accomplishing His Word concerning a

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