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to Him. Do I dismiss older believers as ir-      lessness and disrespect when addressing
relevant to my life? Do I fail to honor all the  God, or even in singing praise to the Lord
believers with respect?                          Jesus.

    Does my dress at assembly gatherings             How do I respond then to the need for
suggest that His presence is not really that     reverence since Hebrews 12:28 makes it
significant? No, you don’t need a three          clear that God must be served with rever-
piece suit to convey His significance, but I     ence and godly fear? First and foremost, as
would want my clothes to clearly reflect my      all would agree, I need to cultivate an atti-
honor and respect for Him. The frequency         tude of reverence and awe for God in my
of assembly gatherings does not lessen their     own soul. The more I learn of His greatness
significance. Each gathering is an occasion      and His grace, the more I will bow and ut-
when His presence is professed by us; each,      ter the words of Stuart K. Hine, “How
thus, is an opportunity to show the honor        Great Thou art!” But then there should be,
His presence dictates. Being a principle,        as well, a corresponding exercise to display
reverence prohibits any demand that a par-       an appreciation for that greatness in both
ticular color of clothing denotes reverence.     my personal life and in the gatherings of
But it does mean there should be an expres-      the believers. The convictions at which I
sion of reverence displayed in the attire        arrive need to be applied to my personal life
worn. The instruction concerning modesty         and not become laws which I lay down for
(1Tim 2:9) should be a guiding principle         others. I do not take pride in the outward
for us in this regard, as well.                  and assiduously guard against the tendency
                                                 in all of our hearts to gradually allow the
    What about my behavior when the              outward to be the only aspect of reverence,
Word of God is read in the public gather-        forgetting the inward condition. And rath-
ings of the believers? The Psalmist was in       er than any drift toward condemning oth-
awe of the Word of God (Psa 119:161). Do         ers who do not share my convictions, I in-
I show reverence and awe for His Word? I         stead offer to God my reverential attitude
may not always appreciate the gift of the        as part of my worship to Him.
man delivering it, but it is still the Word of
God. What about praying and singing                  So do not take refuge in the excuse that
hymns? Some would, for example, legislate        only the inward matters. You do not need
a “no-hands-in-your-pocket-while-pray-           my convictions. But, please immerse your-
ing” sign of reverence. But for some this is     self in the Scriptures and form your own
the result of the anxiety of taking part. We     convictions. Do not, robot-like, adopt the
cannot label these and other creature weak-      outward signs of reverence; but rather,
nesses as a lack of reverence. But there         form your own convictions and view them
should be no intentional displays of care-       as part of your worship of God.

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