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My Practice                                      is intended to impress onlookers with the
                                                 character of the God to Whom they gather.
    How can I apply this principle in my life?
How can I demonstrate reverence to God in            So yes, the stress should be on an inward
every sphere? The most important area is my      attitude of true appreciation and worship for
attitude to God. A sense of God’s greatness,     the awesomeness of God. But it should also
majesty, holiness, and infinity should bow       have some visible manifestation in my life.
my soul in awe and wonder. Like Jacob at
Bethel (Gen 28), I will say that the presence        It is, however, a principle and not a pre-
of God is “awe-full.” This attitude of rever-    cept. This means you need to work out the
ence within is not something then that I         implementing of this in your own life.
adopt for meeting times, but it is an attitude   “White shirts only” for Lord’s Day may have
which should mark me all through the week.       been the conviction of a former generation,
Reverence for God should control how I read      but it need not be your conviction. Tip-
His Word, how I pray, how I treat others, and    toeing into the meeting may have been im-
how I manage many other aspects of my life.      portant 50 years ago; but to you this is not a
The inward must be right before anything         means of displaying reverence. This is not a
else can be adjusted.                            plea for you to adopt the convictions of a pre-
                                                 vious generation. It is, however, a plea for you
    Is it enough, however, for me to claim       to develop convictions from the Word of
that God sees the reverence of my heart and      God about what reverence means. It is feared
it does not matter what I do, how I look,        that the rejection of the outward “symbols
what I wear, or how I act? While this may        and signs” of reverence of a previous genera-
seem to stress inward reality and sincerity, it  tion has resulted in not only the absence of
encounters one insurmountable problem.           any similar outward display, but a casual fa-
Every Biblical reference, Old and New            miliarity with spiritual things.
Testament, to reverence, was marked by a
visible display of that inward attitude.         Practical Applications
Whether bowing in respect or worship, re-
ceiving and acknowledging someone’s worth            What areas of a believer’s life should be
and claims, dress and appearance, or actions,    marked by reverence?
the inward attitude of reverence had a corre-
sponding outward display.                            An attitude is not as invisible as some
                                                 would like to claim. It does reveal itself in our
    It is the intention of God that the behav-   mannerisms, dress, language, and general de-
ior of His people would be a testimony to the    portment. When Paul wrote to Timothy
character of the God to Whom they gath-          about “House of God” conditions, he men-
ered. In the case of Israel, God intended that   tioned how “one ought to behave” in the
the behavior of the nation would be a testi-     House of God.
mony to the surrounding nations (Deut 4:6-
8), and create in them an awareness of the           Does it affect the language I use? While
greatness and the wisdom of God. For local       you would never use the Lord’s name in vain,
assemblies, the same truth is seen in the case   do you say things which are really minced
of the unlearned believer and the unsaved        oaths? Do I address the Lord in prayer with
visitor of 1 Corinthians 14. The character       “reverence and godly fear?” Do I serve Him
and conduct of the gathering of the believers    conscious that He is unchanged in His holi-
                                                 ness and righteousness? Reverence for God
                                                 also influences how I treat those who belong

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