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The Challenge                                    The Context

    Isn’t everyone gathered to the Name of           A reading of Matthew 18 will make it
the Lord Jesus? If you have ever tried ex­       clear that the context for the Lord’s state­
plaining to one of your friends that you are     ment in verse 18 is a local church and not an
part of a group of believers who do not take     informal gathering of friends or a social out­
any denominational name but gather to the        ing of believers. “Tell it to the church” (v17)
Name of the Lord Jesus Christ, then you          should settle the question that the setting
have probably been confronted by this chal­      for the chapter is a church setting and not a
lenge. In their sincerity and simplicity,        social or informal gathering. The investing
many take Matthew 18:20 to apply to any          of the group (v18) with the authority to
and every time that two or three believers       “bind and loose” confirms that this has to
meet. It hardly matters whether it is over       do with church government.
coffee, pizza, or a Bible. And it certainly ap­
plies to when they “go to church” and meet           But some will object and say that the
with other Christians.                           Lord is “everywhere;” how can we limit His
                                                 presence to a local church?
    But what does it mean to be gathered to
the Lord’s Name? Is it applicable to any         The Concept
gathering of believers at any time? To any
group who meets for whatever purpose?                It is important to distinguish between
                                                 the Lord’s omnipresence and His approving
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