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Everyone needs a friend. God’s first            Corinthians 15:33 reads, “Bad company ru-
          recorded statement about His          ins good morals” (ESV). Therefore, we need
          creature Man was, “It is not good     to be careful that we choose our friendships
          that the man should be alone”         wisely.
          (Gen 2:18). Helen Keller said, “I
would rather walk with a friend in the dark,    How to Choose a Friend
than alone in the light.” We were wired for
relationships, for friendships. Even the Lord       Choose a Saved Friend – The best friends
Jesus had friends (John 15:14, 15). In fact,    you will find are those who know Christ.
God Himself had a friend named Abraham          The word “friends” was apparently a title
(James 2:23).                                   early Christians used for themselves. The
                                                Apostle John concluded his third epistle
    The value of a good friend is immeasur-     with the words, “Peace be to you. The
able. The writer of Ecclesiastes said, “Two     friends greet you. Greet the friends, every
are better than one because they have a good    one of them” (3John 14, ESV). Believers we
return for their labor. For if either of them   have yet to meet are already our friends, be-
falls, the one will lift up his companion. But  cause we have so much in common (e.g., a
woe to the one who falls when there is not      relationship with the Lord Jesus, the forgive-
another to lift him up” (Eccl 4:9-10;           ness of sins, the indwelling Spirit of God,
NASB). The harm caused by a poorly cho-         God’s love poured into our hearts, etc.).
sen friend is equally immeasurable. First       That is not to say we should not be friendly
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