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portunity, you will determine to start rear-  or create discouragement or despair. If you
ranging your financial practices to allow     have read it and feel that it is so out of
you to give? Possibly when a mortgage is      touch with where you are financially that
up for renewal, are you prepared to alter     you are tempted to just shelve it as irrele-
the repayment schedule slightly, not to al-   vant, please stop for a moment and con-
low you more flexibility to spend money       sider the powerful forces at work in your
on yourself, but to free up money to direct   life when it comes to your perspective on
towards supporting the work of the Lord.      money and material things, especially if
Possibly when a car lease is up, rather than  you are a young believer just starting out
just letting the car dealer talk you into a   in adult life. Do not allow the world’s ap-
new lease for a nicer vehicle, the answer     proach, mindset, philosophies, and prac-
may be to extend the use of your older ve-    tices to poison your perspective on money
hicle, freeing up some monthly income         and material possessions. Read the
that can be diverted into the work of God.    Scriptures and allow God’s truth to per-
The hymn is very, very true.                  meate your soul. Heed the Lord’s exhorta-
                                              tion: “Do not lay up for yourselves trea-
    We lose what on ourselves we spend;       sures on earth, where moth and rust de-
                                              stroy and where thieves break in and steal,
    We have as treasure without end;          but lay up for yourselves treasures in heav-
                                              en, where neither moth nor rust destroys
    Whatever Lord to Thee we lend!            and where thieves do not break in and
                                              steal. For where your treasure is, there
    Who givest all.                           your heart will be also” (Matt 6:19-21

    This article has not been written to
browbeat believers, nor to belittle anyone,

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