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The dangers of covetousness and                   of how they will ever repay what they owe,
           materialism are exponentially          or climb out of the hole they are digging for
           heightened in our society because      themselves.
           they are coupled with the curse of
           easy credit, and the almost uni-           As Christians, we need to recognize that
versal adoption of a blatant consumerism          the Word of God is clear and unambiguous
fueled by debt. Credit cards are peddled to       in its warnings about debt. Proverbs 22:7
teenagers on every college and university         states, “The rich rules over the poor, and the
campus, lines of credit are pushed by every       borrower becomes the lender’s slave”
financial institution, vehicle leasing is hailed  (NASB). The Scriptures do not totally pro-
as a brilliant way to “drive more car for the     hibit debt, but they do warn, in no uncer-
same money,” and homes are being pur-             tain terms, about its dangers and paint a
chased almost entirely with borrowed funds.       picture whereby the believer should be very,
Most people are living virtually at the limits    very cautious about using debt to fund the
of their available credit, with little thought    purchase of material things.
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