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No reasonable person would dis-               about any other subject including heaven,
               pute that few subjects in to-  hell, obedience, discipleship, or devotion.
               day’s society garner more at-
               tention, interest, and com-        The big question for us as God’s people
               mentary than money. In our     is, where do we turn when we want infor-
world in 2011, talk shows, cable channels,    mation about money and material posses-
blogs, websites, and publishing houses        sions? What forces shape our perspectives
pump out a constant stream of chatter         on the subject? What principles guide our
about all types of money matters.             behavior? Do we rely more on the Wall
                                              Street Journal than the Word of God? Are we
    What may be a little more surprising to   more influenced by the stock tickers or by
some is to know that the Bible speaks more    the Scriptures? It is absolutely vital that we
about money than it does about almost any     allow the Bible to challenge our mindsets
other single subject. Approximately 2,350     and adjust our perspectives if we are to have
verses deal with money or material posses-    a proper attitude toward money, and if we
sions – almost twice as many as are devoted   are to be effective at using it for the glory of
to faith and prayer combined. Sixteen of      God.
Christ’s parables (out of a total of between
30 and 40) deal with the subject. He talked       This article is aimed at young believers
far more about money matters than He did      who are starting out in adult life. Many of
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