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aniel’s prophecy of 70 weeks is   covenant God had made with Israel (Exo
               so important that it is vital that   31:13). These warnings were reiterated in
        Dwe look at the background, the       Deuteronomy 29 as well, when they were
        events leading up to Daniel 9, and the   about to enter the land, 39 years later.
        ways of God. Human sin, international   While ownership of the land was guar-
        aggression and warfare, a prophet who   anteed to Israel on the basis of the Abra-
        had passed off the scene years earlier, and   hamic covenant, occupation of the land
        an aged prophet in captivity will merge in   would hinge on obedience to His Word.
        the amazing ways of God, as God works   A disobedient people would know the
        out His purpose for the nation of Israel.   judgment of God and expulsion from the
        Some have referred to Daniel 9 as the   land. But the land would always be theirs.
        “backbone of all prophecy.” To under-
        stand the significance of these events, we   A Ray of Hope
        need to go back almost 1,000 years and   Moving just two chapters beyond the
        read in Leviticus 26.                 dark picture of Deuteronomy 28, we find
        The Righteous Ways of God             a ray of hope for the nation. Here, in this
                                              last of four sermons on the plains of Moab,
          Here, almost 39 years before Israel   Moses, prescient of what the future might
        entered the land, and 1,000 years before   hold in light of Israel’s behavior in the
        Daniel’s prayer in chapter 9, God gave   wilderness and guided by the Spirit of
        warning of His righteous government on   God, detailed the pathway of restoration
        the nation. In Leviticus 26, God warned   for the nation in the midst of a “worse-
        the nation about the need to keep the   case scenario.” Even if things descended
        Sabbath; if they failed, He would assure   to the point where they were in captivity
        that the land would keep her Sabbaths   from their failure, there was a way back;
        (vv34,43). The Sabbath was the sign of the   there is restoration available with God. If

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