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seemingly the most beautiful of all angelic   them a Jewish suffering Messiah King,
        beings (Eze 28:12). But we also read about   born of a virgin, Emmanuel, God Him-
        Michael the archangel, Gabriel, seraphim,   self, who would suffer for sin not His
        cherubim, living creatures, 24 elders and   own (Dan 9:26; Isa 53). He would explain
        ordinary angels, all with varying degrees   unto them in detail the “Day of the Lord”
        of  rank  and  responsibility.  Tragically,   when this magnificent, lowly King would
        Lucifer, with pride in his heart, desired   enter Jerusalem to set up His kingdom and
        to usurp the kingdom and dethrone God.   “reign in righteousness” (Zec 9:9; Isa 32:1).
        “I will ascend into heaven,” he thought;   But for all this they failed.
        “I will exalt my throne above the stars of   The kingdom was divided, tribes were
        God … I will ascend above the heights of   scattered, the nation was in tatters, and af-
        the clouds; I will be like the Most High”   ter 400 silent years, when their Saviour fi-
        (Isa 14:13-14).  Incredibly, one third of the   nally arrived, the religious leaders rejected
        lofty angelic world followed Lucifer in   and crucified Him; so God set them to one
        his revolt, only to be consigned to eternal   side. Did this throw the plan of God into
        judgment.                             chaos? Did God resort to plan B?  Never!
          Opening to the Genesis account, we find   It’s been well said that His first thoughts
        that God turned His attention to this uni-  are His last thoughts, for God has no sec-
        verse. The inhabitants of this world would   ond thoughts. Would God have angelic
        also be offered the privilege to enjoy the   beings in His kingdom? Would He keep
        kingdom of God. As the prized piece of   His promise to Israel? Would He redeem
        God’s creation, Adam was crowned with   a people for Himself from every dispensa-
        glory and honour (Psa 8:5-6) and, along   tion, kindred, tongue, people and nation?
        with his bride, was given total dominion   Yes! But God had a unique mystery He
        to rule and reign for God. Inexplicably,   was eagerly waiting to declare. What God
        Adam surrendered his crown to the feet of   wanted in the beginning He would have
        the very one who attempted to overthrow   in the end. At the summit of His kingdom
        the kingdom in heaven. The ensuing chap-  on earth, He would have a Man reigning
        ters in Genesis tell us of the establishing   in supreme dominion with His Bride. That
        of the kingdoms of men in opposition to   Man? Christ. And the mystery? His bride
        God, originating with Cain in chapter 4   would be the saints of this dispensation,
        and finding their ultimate fulfilment with   Jew and Gentile in one body. Wonder fills
        the kingdom of Babylon (Gen 10:10; Rev   our minds as we contemplate these things.
        17:5; 18:2). God was both unsurprised and   The Millennial Kingdom and
        undeterred in divine purpose. Through
        Abraham, He would establish a nation,   the Present
        desiring a kingdom of priests (Exo 19:5-6).   Although by new birth we have been
        Through judges and kings, He provided   spiritually translated into this kingdom
        a foretaste of kingdom responsibility and   (Joh 3:5; Col 1:13), we must understand
        blessing, promising through prophets   that the purpose for believers in the New
        that they were to be the nation to host His   Testament is that Christ might be formed
        kingdom on earth. He would disclose to  in us, that we might bring glory to God,
                                              that we might benefit from godly living
        1  Bible quotations in this article are from the KJV.  in the present, that we might be fitted for
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