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The Millennial Kingdom and            The Millennial Kingdom and
        Its Prospect                          the Past
          That humanity has an innate obsession   For the Christian, the future is not left
        with the future was evident on a stroll   to abstract theories of the mortal mind
        through a nearby town. Shops offering   but to the very revelation of God Himself.
        palm and tarot card readings, crystal balls,   For anyone to understand the future, they
        and fortune-telling gimmicks joined the   must first observe the past.  With Bible in
        array of magazines offering hope through   hand, we systematically trace the unveil-
        horoscopes and the like. In this sin-stained   ing of God’s great kingdom purpose.
        world, books, songs, movies and docu-   To begin our understanding of this
        mentaries espouse future fantasies of the   vast subject, we must turn our minds to
        fallen mind. Obituary columns are replete   eternity past when there was no world,
        with imaginative speculations of loved   universe or created beings. The triune
        ones celebrating with friends, flying with   God co-existed in perfect harmony in an
        the angels or at peace in some celestial   eternal kingdom. In this timeless king-
        realm. This  should not be  surprising,   dom, we read of the eternal Son as King
        since both the Old and New Testaments   (1Ti 1:17). The Lord Jesus, in His prayer
        inform us that eternity and the knowledge   to the Father, spoke of the eternal glory
        of God are stamped into the human being   that existed prior to this universe being
        (Ecc 3:11; Rom 1:19). In the January issue   formed (Joh 17:5), and the writer to the
        of this magazine, various writers pro-  Hebrews corroborates  this  regarding
        vided us with a scriptural foretaste of the   the eternal Godhead and His Majesty on
        Christian’s glorious prospect. You would   high (Heb 1:3). The eternal union of love
        have noticed that the central theme and   was perfectly expressed (Joh 3:35; 1Jn
        thrill of our “blessed hope” is to be with   4:8,16), the treasure of God’s wisdom fully
        Christ. We long to experience the infinite   known (Pro 8:22-23), with every attribute
        privilege of reigning with Him in His   of the eternal God permeating that holy
        everlasting Kingdom, first in this world   kingdom (Isa 6:3; Rev 4:8). Although we
        where righteousness shall reign for 1000   are not sure when, Colossians 1:16 com-
        years, and ultimately in a new, eternal   municates that God introduced angelic
        world wherein dwelleth righteousness   beings into His kingdom. Lucifer, given
        (2Pe 3:13; Rev 21:1-4).               the noble place as anointed cherub, was

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