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without the camp, bearing his reproach”   not, by itself, constitute a continual offering,
        (v13), so that we might offer the sacri-  though the writer’s use of homologeō (“giving
        fices with which “God is well pleased”   thanks”) does indicate that this “fruit of the
        (v16). Those sacrifices involve praise   lips” has more in view than simply inward
        and practice. The two imperatives – “let   praise. We offer words, not beasts. But we
        us offer” and “let us not forget” – brack-  offer more than just words, for we must “not
        et the two categories and the language of   neglect doing good and sharing” (v16 LSB).
        sacrifices unites them. “By [or through]   The writer has already instructed his readers
        him” has an emphatic position at the   not to neglect hospitality. “Doing good” in
        beginning of the sentence and reminds   this context echoes that earlier injunction;
        us, once again, that our priestly service   the writer is calling not just generally for
        is only possible because of Him; it is by   “good deeds” but for acts of interpersonal
        Him that we are able to offer. Echoing   kindness. The context of persecution would
        the language of Hosea 14:2 (“so will we   make such acts more costly but also more
        render the calves of our lips”), the writer   precious, not just to grateful recipients but
        exhorts a continual “offering up” of “a   to a well-pleased God.
        sacrifice of praise” – the fruit of lips that   Hebrews is an epistle of ends – the time
        openly profess His name (Heb 13:15).   for atoning sacrifices, praise God, is over.
        Though our reflex is likely to associate   But the finished sacrifice of Christ calls for
        this offering particularly with the break-  a worshipful response from those whom He
        ing of bread, and while that association   has fitted to be priests, the thanksgiving and
        is certainly not inappropriate, it is clear   good-doing that are the proper produce of
        that that weekly giving of thanks could   thankful hearts.

        The Millennial Kingdom                                    Continued from p. 103

        an abundant entrance and place in that   ing kingdom of our Lord and Saviour Jesus
        coming kingdom. If we have peered   Christ” (2Pe 1:10-11).
        into the past to understand the future,   In the following series, we want to dis-
        we now keep our minds on the future to   cover in some measure the fascinating
        be conformed in the present. Titus 2:12   details of what lies ahead in the kingdom of
        teaches us that, looking for that blessed   Christ. For this, we will turn to the prophetic
        hope, the glorious appearing of the
        great God and our Saviour Jesus Christ,   Scriptures, assured of the promise, “Blessed
        we should deny “ungodliness and     is he that readeth” (Rev 1:3). We will look
        worldly lusts, we should live soberly,   at this subject under three sections —the
        righteously, and godly, in this present   role of Israel, the nations and the Church
        world.” Peter exhorts, “If ye do these   in the Millennium — praying that what we
        things … an entrance shall be ministered   discover about the future will cause us to
        unto you abundantly into the everlast-  live for God in the present.

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