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ary was alone. She must have   Mary “seeth two angels in white” (v12).
                 followed Peter and John back   It was not merely their presence but their
        Mto the Savior’s tomb after giv-      position that was significant, for they were
        ing them the news that it was empty. But   “sitting, the one at the head, and the other
        now they were gone. Overwhelmed by    at the feet, where the body of Jesus had
        grief, she decided to stay a little longer.   lain” (v12). Their location was meant
        Memories likely came flooding back of   to convey to Mary that God had done
        that transformational moment when     something, that a divine invasion of power
        she met this Man from Galilee who with   was responsible for the absence of Jesus’
        incomparable authority rid her of the   body. Mary was given a little more light
        demons in her life and instantly gave her   (or rather, a lot more) to bring her to faith
        peace. And she wondered how anyone    in the resurrection of Christ. But it still
        could wish such a Man dead! Tears filled   was not enough. Her grief was so heavy
        her eyes as she pondered the apparent fact   that not even angels dressed in white
        that it wasn’t enough for Jesus’ enemies to   could shake her from it. So they asked
        cruelly execute Him; now they had des-  her, “Woman, why weepest thou? She
        ecrated His grave and stolen His precious   saith unto them, Because they have taken
        body. She decided to take a closer look.  away my Lord, and I know not where
          “And as she wept, she stooped down,   they have laid him” (v13). She simply
        and  looked  into  the  sepulchre”  (Joh   could not accept any other possibility than
        20:11).  The sight she beheld earlier was   that Christ’s body had been stolen. Why
        merely the rolled away stone (v1), but   should she not weep! Mary had now seen
        now Mary got her first look inside the   and spoken to angels, yet remained fixed
        tomb. Apparently, she could see what   in her faulty assessment. But all that was
        John saw (the careful arrangement of   about to dramatically change.
        Christ’s graveclothes), but did not believe
        what John believed (that, rather than His   First to See Him
        body being stolen, the Lord Jesus had   “And when she had thus said, she
        risen). Suddenly, she was allowed to see
        something John did not.               turned  herself  back,  and  saw  Jesus
                                              standing, and knew not that it was Jesus”
        1  Bible quotations in this article are from the KJV   (v14). Some explain that Mary did not
        unless otherwise noted.               recognize the Lord because tears filled

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