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he offerings of the Old Testament,   altar of the Lord (Jos 9:21-27). So, the wood
              referred to generally as the Le-  offering seems to be connected with the
        Tvitical offerings, bring before us   offerings, and perhaps, more particularly,
        in wondrous picture and type the person   the burnt offering. Perhaps in Nehemiah's
        and work of our blessed Lord Jesus Christ.   day, they did not have the luxury of rely-
        There is, however, a unique and distinct   ing on strangers, so the responsibility fell
        offering that is not mentioned with the   to the people of Israel, who were desig-
        Levitical offerings. It is found in the book   nated by lot.
        of Nehemiah and is referred to as the   While each of the offerings speaks of
        “wood offering” (10:34; 13:31).       Christ, the burnt offering brings before
          It would appear from the passage in   us a life wholly consecrated to God. Such
        Nehemiah 10 that lots were cast to assign   was the life of the Lord Jesus. He said, “I
        various families of Israel to bring wood,   came down from heaven, not to do mine
        by course and in their respective turn, for   own will but the will of him that sent me”
        the fire of the altar in order to maintain the   (Joh 6:38). 1
        sacrifices. The law mentioned may refer to   In preparation for the burnt offering,
        the law of the burnt offering (Lev 6:12-13),   the wood was laid in order on the altar
        which stated that the fire was to be ever   (Lev 1:7). When Elijah proposed a way
        burning and never go out.             to the people of Israel to determine the
          Before his death, Moses charged the   true God, before offering the sacrifice
        people of Israel to enter into a covenant   he  laid  the  wood in  order  upon  the
        with the Lord to keep His laws. Among   altar (1Ki 18:33). When Abraham took
        those that were charged were their wives,   his son, Isaac, up the mountain, to the
        their little ones and the stranger in the   place of sacrifice, he laid the wood upon
        camp, from the hewer of wood to the   his son. When they reached the place of
        drawer of water (Deu 29:11-12). It may   sacrifice, Abraham bound his son and
                                              laid him on the altar on the wood (Gen
        be that the “strangers” at the time were   22:6-9). The Scriptures record concerning
        assigned the responsibility of providing   the Lord Jesus, “He, bearing his cross,
        fire and water for the sacrifices.    went forth into a place called the place
          Later, Joshua commanded the Gibeon-  of a skull, which is called in the Hebrew
        ites to be hewers of wood and drawers
        of water for the congregation and for the   1 Bible quotations in this article are from the KJV.

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