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here is a Turkish chef who has   tails of a wilderness tabernacle, and use
              gained  notoriety  for his gold   them with great clarity to illuminate the
        Twrapped tomahawk steaks. Once        beauties of Christ. A quick search on the
        you recover from the shock of this ex-  website of this magazine would reward
        travagance you may remember that he   you with a series of teachings by the late
        is only 3,500 years behind Moses’ Sinai   Sydney Maxwell concerning this very sub-
        Stew (see Exodus 32 for a recipe)! In that   ject. The purpose of this series of articles is
        day, the golden calf of the people’s folly   not to simply recount details which more
        was reduced to powder with the fire of   capable men have already made plain, but
        judgment. But the destruction was not   rather to consider some of the surprising
        complete. The people now consumed the   stories in Scripture that are connected
        residue, mixed with water, and it was   with the tabernacle. You may judge for
        flushed away into the wilderness of Sin.   yourself, but I would submit that these
        To us, the details of this history seem so   unique stories are recorded to reveal to
        strange that we are left to wonder whether   us what the tabernacle and its furniture
        this is just some shocking account of the   represented to believers of that past age
        wrath of Moses  unleashed. But  when   and how they are illustrative of truths we
        we consider the big picture, that, very   hold dear today.
        shortly after, the tabernacle of meeting   We need not journey far from Exodus 32
        with its many golden objects was to be   to find another surprising story. Have you
        constructed, we understand that God en-  noticed the “pre-tabernacle” of Exodus
        sured that not one ounce of that idolatrous   33? Verse 7 recounts, “And Moses took
        gold would find its way into His sanctified   the tabernacle, and pitched it without the
        tabernacle.                           camp, afar off from the camp, and called it
          The tabernacle is indeed a dominant   the Tabernacle of the congregation. And it
        topic in Scripture. It is often pointed out   came to pass, that every one which sought
        that while only two chapters are devoted   the LORD went out unto the tabernacle of
        to the details of creation, fifty chapters are   the congregation, which was without the
        devoted to the intricate and precise details   camp.”  If you are in the habit, like me, of
        of the tabernacle. We treasure memories   reading over the Scriptures too quickly,
        of great men from a past generation who
        could open the Bible, take the dusty de-  1 Bible quotations in this article are from the KJV.

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