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Covenant (vv8-17)                       God also spells out the duration of the

          The second speech to Noah and his sons   contract: “your seed after you … perpetual
        relates to the Noahic Covenant. As with   generations … everlasting covenant” (Gen
                                              9:9,12,16). Climate predictions come and
        many of the great Bible covenants, this
        one is based on a sacrifice (8:20), God’s   go, but the promises of God endure forever.
        Word (9:9,11,17), and rests wholly on God   God cannot lie, His word is sufficient,
        (meaning the covenant is unilateral) – “I,   and He could have delivered the contract
        behold, I establish my covenant with you”   after declaring its terms (vv9-11), but He
        (v9). The covenant also has a specific, com-  proceeded to sign off the contract with a
        memorative sign (vv12-16).            token signature – a rainbow (vv12-16),
          Most major Bible covenants follow this   called “my bow.” “My covenant” and “my
        pattern: sacrifice, word, unilateralism (in   bow” show that the establishment and
        contrast to the bilateralism of the Old   maintenance of the Noahic Covenant are
        Covenant) and a sign. The New Cov-    all on God. Man is a passive bystander.
        enant, which is particularly precious to   God ties Himself into all the obligations
        us, is based on the sacrifice of Christ and   and man gets all the blessing.
        the promise of God to never remember    God states anthropomorphically, “The
        our sins; it rests on Him and not on our   bow shall be in the cloud … that I may
        performance, and has the blood of Christ   remember.” It is as if the bow is always
        as the commemorative sign. The blood as   before God: “I do set my bow … and it
        a sign of the covenant is mainly for God   shall be for [me] … the bow shall be in the
        and is ever before Him in the holiest in   cloud; and I will look upon it” (vv13,16).
        heaven (Heb 9:12; 10:19,29). The symbol of   God always sees the bow, but it only ap-
        the cup of the New Covenant reminds us   pears occasionally to assure man – “when
        of the heavenly reality on the first day of   I bring a cloud over the earth … the bow
        each week. Our salvation is contractually   shall be seen in the cloud” (v14). Clouds
        secure. It has been signed and sealed by   that once brought the deluge are now the
        the God that cannot lie. Our sins are gone   means of displaying God’s grace. In wrath
        forever – hallelujah!                 He remembers mercy.
          The parties of the covenant are listed in
        descending value (man – animal – planet):   God’s covenant programme (Noahic,
        “you, your seed … every living creature   Abrahamic, Davidic) is like a pyramid
        … [and] the earth” (Gen 9:9-11). Man is   structure. The Noahic Covenant sits at
        higher than the rest of creation. The terms   the base, since the earth will be the stage
        of the contract are simply stated: the peo-  upon which Christ rules. The next block in
        ple and the planet will never be drowned   the pyramid is the Abrahamic Covenant,
        in a flood again (v11). The Noahic Cov-  where the land of Israel sits on planet
        enant shatters the false religion of climate   earth, and the seed of Abraham inherit the
        change and global warming. The creation   land. The head of the pyramid is where
        and preservation of the globe is a divine   David’s Son sits in Zion, over His people
        work (8:22). God, not carbon regulations,   Israel, in the promised land, on a renewed
        maintains planet earth. He, not icebergs,   planet. Every promise of God in Christ is
        determines sea levels, saying to the seas,   “Yea, and Amen.” God will head up all
        “[You] shall not pass …” (Jer 5:22 JND).   things in Christ.

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