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Government (vv1-7)                      The old world was filled with violence
          The politics of the post-flood world   as Lamech-like vigilantism filled the
        were about to change. Previously, God   globe. Man could not be governed by
                                              his own conscience, meaning God estab-
        had only spoken to Noah, but now his   lished government to punish violence.
        sons were addressed (v1), signalling a
        transition in leadership. Shem, Ham and   God demanded payment from any that
                                              shed blood. Blood is the most valuable
        Japheth would overspread the whole earth   substance in the world because it repre-
        (v19); the generation of Noah (6:9) was   sents the principle of life (9:4). Requiring
        giving way to the generation of his sons   payment from the hand of the criminal
        (10:1), and the dispensation of human
        government was about to commence.     dominates verse 5 (“require” and “hand”
                                              are each mentioned three times). Sin is
          The Lord addressed Noah and his sons   primarily against God, meaning the mur-
        as the heads of a new world (notice the   derer has taken what belongs to God, and
        plural “you” in v7). The heads of the na-  He demands payment. The debt must be
        tions needed to obey the creation mandate   settled and justice must be satisfied.
        for the prospering of society: “Be fruitful,
        and multiply, and replenish the earth”   Murdering man, who is made in the
        (9:1).  This mandate is still binding on us   image of God (v6), is an assault on the
        all today. Dominion language continued   divine reality behind the image. When a
        as God said, “Into your hand are they [the   terrorist burns an effigy, he is signalling
        created world] delivered” (9:2). Adam   his intent towards the reality behind the
        was the head of the old world, but a new   effigy. To take a human life that uniquely
        administration had begun.             resembles God is a heinous sin and de-
          Since God addressed Noah and his    serves capital punishment. The time for
        sons, and not their wives, we see that male   mercy has passed for a murderer; justice
                                              is punitive – “thine eye shall not pity
        headship applies to the civil realm. This   him, but thou shalt put away the guilt
        is a truth seen throughout the Bible (Gen
        3:16-17; Isa 3:12; 1Ti 2:13-15).      of innocent blood” (Deu 19:13). Justice is
                                              also proportional and preventive; “those
        1  Bible quotations in this article are from the KJV   which remain shall hear, and fear, and
        unless otherwise noted.               shall henceforth commit no more any

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