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n the next two articles, we will con-  wasn’t physical but spiritual. A searching
            sider the first of five warnings in the   question for any one of them would have
        Iletter to the Hebrews which caution its   been, “Will ye also go away?” (Joh 6:67). 1
        readers against the dangers of departure   Thus, the writer delivers a series of
        and apostasy.                         instructions, encouragements, exhorta-
          As we progress through the warnings,   tions and warnings so that if they took
        an important point must be kept in mind.   heed, they would demonstrate the reality
        If a person is truly “born from above” (Joh   of their salvation. If they chose to ignore
        3:3 YLT) and thereby “saved” (Eph 2:8),   the warnings, to recant and ultimately
        there is no possibility of losing salvation.   abandon their profession of faith in Christ,
        The promise of eternal life is to all who   it would be evident to all that there was
        believe in Jesus Christ (Joh 3:16) and this   no spiritual birth, no genuine root and no
        life has no end. A believer, the child of   divine nature (see Mat 13:23; Joh 3:3; 2Pe
        God, shall never perish. The believer’s   1:4). While our circumstances are likely
        seal, the Holy Spirit, remains until the day   to be vastly different from those of the
        Christ comes for His own (Eph 1:13,14).   original recipients, the earnest Christian
        The believer’s redemption is secure in   desirous of pleasing God will pay atten-
        Christ (Heb 9:12). Every child of God is   tion, absorb, and apply the principles em-
        heir to an imperishable inheritance (1Pe   bodied in each warning to their personal
        1:4). God cannot lie and His promises are   circumstances.
        immutable (Heb 6:18). So sure are these   The first warning (2:1-4) has two parts.
        promises that we are to live in faith and   Firstly, verse 1 is an exhortation to pay
        hope for that which is to come (1Jn 3:2-3).  close attention to what we have heard,
          It is sufficiently apparent that the writer   because there is a consequence in failing
        is addressing children of God. The letter   to do so – backsliding. Secondly, verses 2-4
        itself is a “word of exhortation” to “breth-  warn against neglecting so great salvation,
        ren” (3:1,12; 10:19; 13:22) and “beloved”   because there is a solemn implication for
        (6:9). However, they had not advanced in   such neglect. We will consider the first
        their faith. They had remained in spiritual   part in this article and the second part in
        infancy far longer than expected (5:11-14).   the next.
        In addition, they endured conflict, suffer-  Failing to Pay Close Attention
        ings, reproach and affliction (10:32-34). To
        believers whose spiritual condition was   Has Consequences (2:1)
        already weak, this persecution presented   “Therefore we ought to give the more
        a serious attack on their profession of
        faith and created a very real temptation to   1  Bible quotations in this article are from the KJV
        apostatise. Hence, the real crisis they faced   unless otherwise noted.

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