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efore we discuss faith, I want to    Humanity in Noah’s day also suffered
              look at the background of sin and   judgment on account of wickedness when
        Bits expression. For the opposite of   the flood waters inundated the world that
        faith is unbelief, isn’t it? And the disobedi-  then was. These events both took place
        ence that was fueled by unbelief was really   before the Law was given. So, while man
        the initial fount from which all other evils   was not responsible to uphold the Law
        of sin have flowed. So, if we understand   prior to receiving it (and thus had no ac-
        the fabric of disobedience (independence   countability for law breaking), he was still
        from God and unbelief), it should help us   responsible for “conscience breaking.”
        in the comprehension of true faith.     Romans 1 speaks to this: “For God’s
          Romans 5:13 states, “For until the law   wrath is revealed from heaven against
        sin was in the world: but sin is not imputed   all godlessness and unrighteousness of
        when there is no law.”   However, our first   people who by their unrighteousness
        parents’ sin (which was a direct disobedi-  suppress the truth, since what can be
        ence of God’s word concerning the tree of   known about God is evident among
        the knowledge of good and evil) occurred   them, because God has shown it to them.
        before the Law was given. It was the basis   For his invisible attributes, that is, his
        for judgment against Adam and Eve. There   eternal power and divine nature, have
        was a physiological effect as well; immedi-  been clearly seen since the creation of the
        ately upon eating of that fruit, something   world, being understood through what
        was introduced into their systems that   he has made. As a result, people are with-
        triggered the process which would eventu-  out excuse. For though they knew God,
        ally result in their deaths. One wonders if   they did not glorify him as God or show
        our first parents really believed that eating   gratitude. Instead, their thinking became
        this attractive fruit would actually result   worthless, and their senseless hearts were
        in death. Since death had not entered the   darkened” (vv18-20 CSB). Therefore, the
        world at this point in time, Adam and Eve   Lord was completely justified in bringing
        simply would have to take God at His word   the flood upon the world that had turned
        that eating of the fruit would result in this   away from Him. The Lord was also just in
        thing called “death.”                 banishing our first parents from the gar-
                                              den. Adam in particular was accountable
        1  Bible quotations in this article are from the KJV   to God, as he had received a direct word
        unless otherwise noted.               from Him and disobeyed, making his sin

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