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any challenges were raised   the Holy Ghost, The LORD said to my
                 by the Lord’s opponents on   Lord, Sit thou on my right hand, till I
        Mthis day of Arguments (11:27-        make thine enemies thy footstool. David
        12:44) and all were answered with perfect   therefore himself calleth him Lord; and
        wisdom. The perfect Servant possessed   whence is he then his son?” (vv35-37).
        a “mouth like a sharp sword” (Isa 49:2)    The scribes taught publicly that the
        and every word spoken was instructive   Messiah was to be David’s descendant;
        and incisive. He had the “tongue of the   this fact was clear from many of the Old
        learned” (50:4) and no challenge raised   Testament Scriptures. However, recognis-
        against Him would succeed. The best of   ing only this about the Messiah did not
        Israel’s religious elite had attempted His   do full justice to all that the Scriptures
        defeat but, after His answer to a sincere   revealed. The Lord’s question showed that
        scribe, “no one dared to ask him any more   their view of the Messiah was inadequate.
        questions” (Mar 12:34 ESV). They were   Quoting from Psalm 110, the Lord Jesus
        vanquished, but the Lord was not finished.     reminded them that David, carried along
        A Final Challenge: the Question about   by the Holy Spirit, had said, “The LORD
        Christ (12:35-40)                     said unto my Lord, Sit thou on my right
          All questions asked by the Jewish lead-  hand, till I make thine enemies thy foot-
        ership were important, but the question   stool” (v36). David had, therefore, clearly
        asked by the Lord Jesus was all-important.   identified the One who would sit at God’s
        This final challenge concerned the vital   right hand and would ultimately rule for
        issue. They had asked about the source   God in this world as “my Lord.”
        of Jesus’ authority, the payment of trib-  If, then, David himself called the Mes-
        ute, bodily resurrection and the greatest   siah “Lord,” how could He be David’s
        commandment; the Lord Jesus would     son? The same Old Testament that identi-
        ask them about the identification of the   fied the promised Messiah as David’s son
        Messiah. Israel’s refusal to accept the true   also confirmed that He was David’s Lord.
        identity of the Messiah would bring upon   How could these two facts be reconciled?
        them divine condemnation.               Identifying the Messiah solely in hu-
        The Lord’s Challenge (vv35-37)        man terms was to show an insufficient
          “How say the scribes that Christ is the   understanding of the complete revelation
        Son of David? For David himself said by   given in the Old Testament. To be David’s
        ¹ Bible quotations in this article are from the KJV   son and David’s Lord, the Messiah must be
        unless otherwise noted.               both man and God. But this was a conclu-

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