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race and leave earth and the animals    People had sinned against the light of
        untouched? These questions deny the   conscience and now they despised God’s
        headship of man. He was the pinnacle and   warning. He waited patiently as the ark
        viceroy of God’s handiwork, meaning the   was being built, even giving seven days
        self-destruction of men brought all nature   as the final opportunity (v10). Although
        under the judgment of God. “The worth   critics question God’s love in the flood,
        of nature, in God’s eyes, depends upon   their conception of love is flawed. Apathy
        the worth and character of humans at the   is the opposite of love, not wrath. If God
        apex of God’s creation and does not have   had passively watched the corruption of
        intrinsic worth of itself. If the natural   earth, it would have been most unloving.
        world beyond humanity had a sacredness   God, in loving the good, must despise and
        of its own, God could have chosen to send   judge the evil.
        a plague that destroyed only humans.” 8  Secondly, it is important to see that the
        His Undoing of Creation               first use of “grace” (6:8) is given at the
          Throughout the creation week the    forefront of the paradigmatic judgment.
        emphasis is on distinction, but now God   “Every subsequent mention of grace in
        joined the waters that had been separated   the succeeding pages of Scripture must
        (1:7). Secondly, it’s possible that, like cre-  be understood against this backdrop of
        ation, the flood began on a Sunday and   man’s just condemnation.” 11
        ended on a Friday (40 days later).  Thirdly,   In Noah’s day, God’s longsuffering
        the listing of the animals reminds us of the   lasted decades. To Noah’s generation,
        groupings in Eden (7:14; cf. 1:21,24-25).   what was the insignia of mercy became
        Furthermore, the verbal links in the waters   the source of indifference. For them, the
        “increasing greatly” (7:18) correspond to   longer the delay, the greater their apathy.
        the Creator’s mandate to “be fruitful and   Presuming God would never intervene,
        multiply” (1:28). The two main verbs of   they lived as they wanted (Mat 24:38).  Pe-
        creating power (asah and bara, 1:26-27)   ter tells us that the flood destroyed Noah’s
        are reversed in the announcement of the   world and generation (2Pe 3:6), but their
        judgment of man (6:7) – an early signal   attitude to coming judgment has survived
        of the divine intent for reversal.  Finally,   in the ungodly of today. Peter tells us the
        the sequence of judgment (or de-creation)   reason for the delay: in superabundant
        outlined in chapter 7 is the same as seen   grace, God has waited two millennia for
        in creation: the earth, mountains, birds,   men’s repentance.
        cattle, beasts, all swarming things and
        then concluding with man. 10            A chapter that begins with mercy and
        His Longsuffering Love                ends with judgment reveals perfect equity
                                              in the dealings of God: “Judgment is God’s
        ⁸ A.J. Higgins, “A Christian Worldview:   ‘strange work.’ He delights not in [judg-
        Environmentalism” (accessed at: https://  ment], though He is glorified by it. Blessed
        worldview-environmentalism/).         be His name, He is ever ready to leave the
        ⁹ Warren H. John, “A New Flood Chronology   place of judgment, and enter that of mercy,
        Based on Seven-Day Creation Cycles,” Answers   because He delights in mercy.” 12
        Research Journal, 2022, Vol. 15 (accessed at:  ¹¹ Ibid.
        flood-chronology-seven-day-cycles/).  ¹² Charles H. Mackintosh, Notes on the Book of
        ¹⁰ Rooker, “The Genesis Flood.”       Genesis, 53.

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