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’ve never heard anyone say it. “My   command. They were probably physically
            husband died and they buried him.”   closer to Jesus than anyone else when He
        I“My mother passed away and was       gave up His life. One of them pierced the
        buried.” We don’t usually spend time   Lord’s side with a spear and watched His
        wondering what happened to the body of   blood flow. The Apostle John also saw and
        someone who has died. But when Paul re-  recorded it (Joh 19:34-35). They knew that
        fers to the death of Christ in 1 Corinthians   Jesus was dead, as did the many women
        15, he includes the detail “he was buried”   who were following the Lord and were
        (v4).  His burial is important. Why?  present at His cross. Particular names are
        Proof                                 given by Matthew of women who could
          The burial of the Lord Jesus Christ is   later be questioned. “Among them were
        significant because it both proves His   Mary Magdalene, Mary the mother of
                                              James and Joseph, and the mother of the
        death and affirms His glorious resurrec-  sons of Zebedee” (27:56 NET; see also Mar
        tion, events which would later be doubted.   15:40-41; Luk 23:49). Luke notes that not
        Scripture makes it clear that the Lord Jesus   only did these women see Christ die, but
        was  unmistakably  dead.  Even  though   some of them “saw the tomb and how his
        the Gospel writers avoid the use of the   body was laid in it” (23:55 NET). There-
        word “dead” at the moment when Christ   fore, the “wrong tomb” theory won’t wash
        yielded up His spirit (thus demonstrating   either. The women knew exactly where the
        His sovereign control), all of them use   Lord’s body was, and they knew He was
        the word afterward (Mat 27:64; 28:7; Mar   dead. The fact that they came to His tomb
        15:44; Luk 24:20,46; Joh 19:33; 20:9; 21:14).   later with spices to anoint His body (Mar
        Also, the authorities would never allow   16:1) confirms it.
        crucifixion victims to be removed from   But two more witnesses could be
        their crosses unless they were certain of   consulted in the days following Christ’s
        death, a detail Pilate confirmed with the   death: Joseph of Arimathaea and Nico-
        Roman centurion before granting Joseph   demus. They handled His precious body
        of Arimathaea permission to secure Jesus’   and knew that He was dead. Why would
        body (Mar 15:44). So, the swoon theory   Nicodemus bring “a mixture of myrrh and
        that Jesus was merely unconscious when   aloes, about an hundred pound weight”
        they buried Him and subsequently resus-  (Joh 19:39) for someone who wasn’t dead?
        citated in the cool tomb won’t hold. Jesus   Why would they wrap His body in linen
        really died.                          and place Him in Joseph’s new tomb if
          And there were witnesses, plenty of   He were still alive? Also, John notes that
        them. We’ve already mentioned the centu-  this tomb was one “wherein was never
        rion but could add the soldiers under his   man yet laid” (19:41). Only one person
        ¹ Bible quotations in this article are from the KJV   was ever in this tomb, and therefore that
        unless otherwise noted.               same person was the only one who could

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