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Jesus” (v21). Their statements are almost   great in scope. Notice the four “alls” in the
        identical, except that they give different   Savior’s words. He gave them a daunting
        names. And now we have an intriguing   task – to go to “all nations” and teach “all
        question, because Matthew says that the   things” that He had commanded. But He
        angel’s command was given to fulfill Isa-  also promised a great provision: He was
        iah’s prophecy. How could naming Him   sending them with “all authority,” and
        “Jesus” fulfill a prophecy that said He   He would be with them “always,” even
        would be named “Emmanuel”?            to the end.
          We find the answer in the angel’s expla-  It’s in that final verse that we find
        nation: “… call his name Jesus, for he shall   our key word, “with” – “I am with you
        save his people from their sins” (v21). The   always.” What a precious promise! And
        name “Jesus” means “Jehovah saves.” So,   it becomes even more precious once we
        in essence, the angel said: “Thou shalt call   realize the full identity of the One who
        his name ‘Jehovah saves’ for ‘he’ shall save   made it. It was Emmanuel, “God with
        his people from their sins.” Do you see   us,” who promised to be with them. This
        how the angel is identifying “he” (this   wasn’t an earthly king giving his servants
        baby) with Jehovah the Savior? When this   a command and then sending them off on
        baby saves His people, it is Jehovah saving   their own to do their best. This was “God
        them. He is “God with us.”            with us,” not only commanding them, but
          More than that, the angel appears to be   also promising to work by their side until
        quoting words that were written about   the task was done.
        Jehovah in Psalm 130:8. That lovely psalm   And so these four “alls” connect us
        celebrates the Lord’s forgiveness, mercy   to the limitless resources of His divine
        and plentiful redemption. It ends with   attributes. Who sends them with “all
        this line: “He shall redeem Israel from all   authority”? The Omnipotent One, and
        his iniquities.” The angel takes up those   therefore no earthly power can thwart
        words, written about Jehovah, and applies   them. Who sends them to “all nations”?
        them to Mary’s baby, “He shall save his   The Omnipresent One, who will be with
        people from their sins.”              them everywhere they go. Who calls them
          That long list of names of kings and   to teach “all things”? The Omniscient
        heroes in Matthew’s genealogy isn’t a list   One, who will meet their every need for
        of saviors. It’s a list of sinners who need   wisdom and knowledge through His Holy
        saving, in a world that needs saving. Now,   Spirit. Who will be with them “always”?
        at last, someone has come who is able to   The Eternal One, who never dies. He will
        do it. It is God Himself – the omnipotent,   be with them to the end.
        omniscient, omnipresent, eternal “God   These bookends reveal the secret of our
        with us.” He shall save His people from   mission. The One who is “with us,” as we
        their sins.                           go out into the world making disciples,
                                              is none other than “God with us” – Em-
        “With You” (28:20)                    manuel! We go out in obedient faith, and
          As Matthew traces the presentation and   He provides the power and resources we
        rejection of this matchless King, he gives   need to accomplish His work. With such a
        us his latter bookend in what we call the   mighty King, ever-present by our side, the
        Great Commission (28:18-20). It truly is   mission that He gave us cannot fail.

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