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e continue our study of Gospel   Isaac and Solomon were only conduits
                 bookends with the theme of   through whom those promises flowed
        WChrist “with us” in Matthew.         until they found their ultimate fulfillment
        Chapter 1 introduces Him as “Emmanuel   in Christ.
        … God with us” (1:23) ; and He promises   These titles not only confirm Christ as
        His disciples in Matthew’s final verse, “I   the rightful heir of land and throne; they
        am with you always” (28:20).          also hint at the path that He will take to re-

        “With us” (1:23)                      ceive that inheritance. As Abraham’s Son,
                                              He was miraculously born and beloved by
          If Matthew is the Gospel of the King,   His Father. He laid down His life on the
        what a beautiful royal portrait it is! It   mountaintop and, through Him, blessing
        begins with a genealogy, something that’s   flows to the entire world. As David’s son,
        so important to us as Christians, because   He rises again to reign forever as the unri-
        our faith rests on true history. If the facts of   valed King over a prosperous and peace-
        Scripture are not historical, then we have   ful kingdom. Indeed, “all the promises
        no gospel and no hope.                of God in him are yea, and in him Amen,
          We find many genealogies in the Old   unto the glory of God” (2Co 1:20).
        Testament – eight chapters straight at the   Not only does He receive two great titles
        start of 1 Chronicles – but there is only one   in this chapter, “son of David” and “son of
        Man’s genealogy in the New Testament.   Abraham,” but we also read of His being
        That final genealogy belongs to our Lord   given two names. Isn’t it interesting that a
        Jesus, the last Adam, who brings history   chapter packed with supernatural events
        to its fulfillment. All past history led up   comes to its climax and conclusion with
        to Him, and any future history only has   this simple statement: “He called his name
        importance as it is linked to Him. His   Jesus” (Mat 1:25)? The crowning moment
        lineage and descendants are now the ones   of this story is a baby being given one of
        that matter – “Behold I and the children   the most ordinary names of His day, Jesus.
        which God hath given me” (Heb 2:13).  What’s so amazing about that?
          Matthew begins his genealogy with two   Matthew tells us that He was named
        titles that identify Christ as the ultimate   before His birth by an angel (v21) and a
        heir of promise: “the son of David, the son   prophet (v22-23). And here the careful
        of Abraham.” David and Abraham both   reader discovers something especially
        received covenantal promises linked to   interesting: Notice how similar Isaiah’s
        their sons, and Christ inherits both those   words are to the angel’s words. Isaiah
        promises. Abraham’s son was promised   said, “A virgin … shall bring forth a son,
        the land and David’s son, the throne. Yet,   and they shall call his name Emmanuel”
        ¹ Bible quotations in this article are from the   (v23). The angel said, “She shall bring
        KJV.                                  forth a son, and thou shalt call his name

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