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e’re continuing our study of   here that he took his family to Jerusalem
                 bookend themes in the Gospels   every year at Passover.
        Wby considering Christ now              As Joseph and Mary returned home,
        as the Pilgrim Teacher. We’ll turn again   they assumed that Jesus was somewhere
        to Luke for our two bookend passages.   in the large company of friends and rela-
        Each of them describes a pair of pilgrims   tives traveling together. Perhaps it wasn’t
        traveling from Jerusalem after Passover.   until they unpacked for the night that they
        Interestingly, in both cases, they were mis-  discovered Him missing. Rushing back to
        taken about whether Christ was traveling   Jerusalem, they found Him on the third
        with them. Mary and Joseph, at the start of   day, not with other boys His age but with
        Luke, were certain that He was with them,   the teachers and scholars in the temple.
        but He wasn’t! Cleopas and his compan-  Even more surprising was where He was
        ion, at the end of Luke, were certain that   sitting – not as a bystander on the outer
        He wasn’t with them, but He was! Once   edges, but right in the middle of them.
        they discovered their error, both sets of   People were listening to Him as He asked
        travelers rushed back to Jerusalem. And   – and answered! – questions. His under-
        in each story we see how Christ’s love for   standing of Scripture astonished them.
        Scripture left an indelible impression on   All the emotions Mary felt while search-
        their hearts (2:51; 24:32).           ing for Him bubbled over: “Son, why …?
        Two Pilgrims, Unknowingly Without     thy father and I have sought thee sorrow-
        Christ (2:44)                         ing” (2:48).  She was speaking straight
          Both of these passages are very familiar,   from the heart. But she misspoke in calling
        but each is a special text that deserves   Joseph His father. He gently corrected her
        careful consideration. This first story is   in His reply, “I must be about my Father’s
        the only glimpse we have of the Lord Jesus   business” (v49).
        from the thirty years between His infancy   And what a startling statement it was.
        and public ministry. The Holy Spirit gives   No one had ever dared to speak like that
        it to us as a summary of His life during   before, not even the heroes and holy men
        those hidden years.                   of Israel’s history. Yet here was a boy
          Mary and Joseph were traveling home   standing in the temple and calling God’s
        from Jerusalem after Passover. They had   things “My Father’s things.” Mary never
        taken Jesus with them, and, at twelve   forgot those words; she treasured them
        years of age, this was a very significant   in her heart. And even though she and
        time in a Jewish boy’s life. It’s the last time   Joseph were imperfect parents, the Lord
        we see Joseph with his family. He likely   humbly went home with them and obeyed
        passed away before the Lord’s ministry be-  them. In time, He took over the carpentry
        gan, but his brief appearances in Scripture   ¹ Bible quotations in this article are from the
        reveal him to be a godly man. We learn   KJV.

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