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Other Books of Only One Chapter
          • 3rd John (219 words in the original) – He showed fellowship to those traveling.
            Labor for Brotherhood.
          • 2nd John (245 words) – Fellowship involved boundaries, a fence. Limitations of
          • Philemon (335 words) – Brotherhood and forgiveness. Loveliness of Brotherhood.
          • Obadiah (291 words) – Brotherhood involves feeling of sympathy. Lack of
        The Prophet
          • Writer – unknown other than not one of the other 11 Obadiahs in Scripture. God
            can employ unknown men to accomplish His will and to deliver His Word.
        The Period of Time
          • Fall of Jerusalem to Babylon. Internal evidence best for this time period, but could
            also coincide with 2 Chronicles 21:16-17.
        The Place It Occupies
          • Smallest OT book
          • Small yet delivering a big message
        The Problem Addressed
          • The Pride of Edom, the inveterate and constant enemy of Israel. Israel was not to
            abhor Edom since they were related (Deu 23:7). Edom had refused Israel passage
            in Numbers 20:18. They were hostile to Israel throughout the reign of Saul. Edom
            may have assisted Babylon in the overthrow of Judah (Lam 4:21; Obadiah). They
            were powerful and proud. They gloried in their position (invulnerable), their
            possessions (inviolable) and their prudence (intelligence).
          • Edom opposed progress, oppressed when they were able, and observed with joy
            Judah’s fall.
        The Parts – Structure
          I.   God Addressing Edom (vv1-9): Esau or Edom used four times
          II.  Edom’s Attitude (vv10-14): “on/in that day” – Edom’s Guilt
          III. The Righteous Judgment of God (vv15-21)
          • The encounter between Herod and Christ can be seen in Edom and Jacob
        Principles Reinforced
          • Reaping what has been sown
          • Responsibility to my brother
          • Trial of one is the test of another

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