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he Bible is crystal clear about the   polygamy). It also reveals that a husband
              institution of marriage as estab-  or wife can exhibit personality traits that
        Tlished by the Creator for the bless-  mar the marriage. Even before the end of
        ing of His creatures. This is one reason it   the book of Genesis, we are confronted
        is so vehemently attacked by the feminist   with the impatience of Sarah, the deceit of
        movement, which, in its modern form,   Rebekah and the jealousy of Rachel. Their
        has gone far beyond its original quest for   husbands too – Abraham, Isaac and Jacob
        equal rights, especially the right to vote.   – were equally guilty of lying, deceiving
        The radical wing today denigrates men   and showing favouritism. There are no
        and seeks to destroy the long-held tradi-  perfect marriages, and yet God’s abundant
        tional values of marriage and the family   blessing can be known by a couple who
        as taught in the Bible. What, then, does   humbly seek to do His will.
        the Bible teach about marriage?       Headship
        In the Beginning                        The biblical principle of headship is
          Eve was formed to be a suitable com-  painted by the world as perpetuating
        panion for Adam; they would be united   the cruel domination and bemeaning
        and complement one another (Gen 2:18-  subjugation of women. “Women are the
        25). Their oneness would develop and   victims” is the repeated cry. Yes, but the
        grow at every level – physical, mental   Bible teaches that they are to be “victims”
        and spiritual. Marriage, as God intended,   of love and care and sacrifice!
        is a shared journey of discovery and ad-  After establishing the general principle
        aptation in which the husband and wife   of a submissive spirit for all believers,
        support one another and stick together   Paul, in his letter to the Ephesians, con-
        through thick and thin.               siders marriage and the responsibilities
          After Adam and Eve’s fall into sin, roles   of Christian wives and husbands. Briefly
        in marriage were further defined when   stated, he emphasizes that wives are to
        God told Adam that he would now need   submit to their husbands and husbands
        to work hard because thorns and thistles   are to love their wives. He speaks directly
        would grow on the blighted earth. Nev-  to each; he does not say, “Wives, insist
        ertheless, he was to be the breadwinner.   that your husbands love you; husbands,
        Eve would suffer the pains of childbirth   demand that your wives submit to you.”
        and also be subject to her husband in their   The onus is on each to do his or her part
        relationship (Gen 3:16-19).           willingly; there is no thought of coercion.
          The Bible shows that complications    Furthermore, the apostle lifts matters
        can arise when God’s plan is ignored (for   to a higher level and instructs each to
        example, in abandoning monogamy for   follow a God-given example both in the

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