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od’s Word entrusts authority and   to lead, motivate and support those under
               leadership in human relation-  His leadership; as the organic Head, He
        Gships  to  males.  Thus,  in  local   takes up the charge to sanctify, nourish
        assembly governance, the New Testament   and cherish His body (Eph 5:25-33). All
        excludes women from the leadership roles   lesser headships under Christ’s headship
        of overseer and teacher and instead calls   ultimately honor Him, so headship is im-
        them to serve in equally important but   mensely precious to God.
        complementary tasks. Scripture bases this   Although the Lord Jesus is infinitely
        division in gender roles not on personal   greater than the creatures under His head-
        worth or ability, but rather on headship   ship, the concept of headship itself never
        – a core principle that God builds into   requires personal superiority. Headship
        everything He makes.                  is functional leadership. The Bible re-
          The hierarchical term “head” (Hebrew   veals such a hierarchy within the Trinity:
        rosh, Greek kephale) describes what is first   though the Father, Son and Spirit are equal
        in  rank.    Headship may  be  confused   in being and glory, the Son defers to the
        with lordship, so note the following   Father, and the Spirit defers to the Father
        distinctions: lordship is about ownership,   and the Son (1Co 11:3; Joh 14:26; 15:26).
        headship is about order; lordship is power,   Since “the head of Christ is God” (1Co
        headship is position; lordship is rule, head-  11:3 KJV), submission to headship cannot
        ship is rank. Both a lord and a head take the   involve inferiority.
        foremost role among others. A lord wields   Men and women are similarly equal in
        the strength to subdue them; a head ac-  value. In the first chapter of Genesis God
        cepts the authority to lead them. Those   describes generic man as them – male and
        under lordship must bow, but those under   female (vv26-28). In their vertical relation-
        headship willingly submit, acknowledg-  ship with God they stood as equals, both
        ing the responsibility located in their head   created in His image and after His like-
        to lead and inspire them.             ness, yet distinct in their manhood and
          By God’s design, Jesus is not only Lord   womanhood. The second chapter of Gen-
        but Head. He is Head over all things to   esis, however, introduces headship. We
        the Church (Eph 1:22), the Head of the   learn that the woman was made after, from
        Church (5:23; Col 1:18), the Head of all   and for the man. God formed the man and
        males (1Co 11:3), and the Head of all   spoke to him alone before He formed his
        rule and authority (Col 2:10). In the com-  matching helper Eve from his side. Thus,
        ing Millennium, God will “head up all   in their horizontal relationship with each
        things in the Christ” (Eph 1:10 JND) – the   other the male and female are unequal
        spectacular fulfillment of His plan to set   in function: God assigned headship to
        a Man over the universe (Gen 1:26; Psa   Adam and helpership to Eve. Although
        8:5-6; Heb 2:8-9). As the administrative   their dominion was a partnership, the
        Head, Christ assumes the responsibility   responsibility for that dominion lay with
        ¹ The egalitarian notion that kephale means   the man alone. The woman’s submission
        “source” is based on “evidence” that evaporates
        when checked out. See, e.g., the BDAG lexicon   to the man’s headship, like the subordina-
        under “kephale.”                      tion of a vice-president to a president in an

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