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the words of the Lord Jesus can be pointed   Know Them (1Th 5:12)
        out within this context: “He that receiveth   Upon reading this passage, it becomes
        you receiveth me, and he that receiveth me   clear that those who lead the assembly
        receiveth him that sent me” (Mat 10:40). 1  (“are over you”) are doing a work for the
          As  a  brother  in  the  assembly  gains   Lord. They labor among the assembly
        experience, earns a favorable reputation,   in the affairs of God, and the believers
        gains understanding of Scripture, and   will recognize, acknowledge, appreciate
        leads his home with the character that   and value them. They will “know” those
        qualifies him for such a responsibility, he   who lead them. This same word is used
        is in God’s schoolhouse, training to take   frequently in John 10 describing the rela-
        this very serious role of leadership in the   tionship between the sheep and the true
        local assembly. Success in preparation   Shepherd. Notice verses 4 and 5 of that
        leads to qualification for this important   great chapter: “And the sheep follow him:
        work. This is the second thing that can be   for they know his voice. And a stranger
        recognized, that the overseer is prepared   will they not follow, but will flee from him:
        by God for this work.                 for they know not the voice of strangers.”
          Another important recognition is that   Esteem Them (1Th 5:13)
        the overseer is serving “as the steward
        of God, not selfwilled” (Titus 1:7). The   Not only will the believers of the as-
        reality is that all authority bestowed upon   sembly know (or recognize) the leaders,
        a human agent, be it in national or civic   but they will also “esteem them.” They
        government, the home or the assembly, is   will “esteem them very highly” and, even
        ultimately God’s supreme authority being   more, will “esteem them very highly in
        expressed through another. The care of the   love.” Commentators are divided on
        church of God has been entrusted by God   whether the “very highly” is linked with
        to those whom He has raised up for such   the “esteem” or the “love” in this section,
        a service, and this governance is carried   but can we not easily understand that the
                                              passage presses us to hold the overseer
        out with much sobriety, for the overseer   in very high regard? It is not because
        is continually aware that he “must give   of personal connections, or some other
        account” (Heb 13:17) to God.  Again, God   preference, but because of the work they
        entrusts authority, and He holds to ac-  are engaged in as they shepherd the flock
        count those to whom authority has been   of God. It should be obvious that this
        entrusted. As you contemplate this, recog-  verse removes any type of indignity or
        nize the great burden borne by each one   insult toward the overseers, or rebellion
        God has raised up to oversee His people.    against them.
          Having briefly presented general princi-
        ples regarding the recognition of assembly   Honour Them (1Ti 5:17)
        oversight, let us now move on to specific   The overseers who lead the assembly
        behaviors that can be demonstrated to   well are found to be deserving of “double
        recognize those whom God has put in a   honour.” To honour is to estimate a true
        position of leadership.               value, and the original word is frequently
        ¹ Bible quotations in this article are from the   translated “price.” A related word is used
        KJV.                                  of the Lord Jesus in 1 Peter 2:7: “Unto you

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