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s you’ve been reading through   Timothy. In Hebrews, the believers were
               this edition of Truth and Tidings,   in danger of turning back to an old system.
        Ayou’ve been shown much truth         Such distressing, anxious and troubled
        regarding the qualifications, responsibili-  times can easily cause a local assembly to
        ties and character of an overseer in the lo-  become agitated and question its leader-
        cal assembly. Undoubtedly, many of you   ship regarding the path the assembly is
        have recognized these characteristics in   on. This was true in early Church times,
        the overseers of the assembly you’re part   and it is true today. These three passages
        of, and are grateful to God that you have   help us learn to depend upon and trust
        such men who care for you, instruct you   those whom God has put in this place of
        and guide you. We trust you have been   responsibility.
        able to avoid the pitfall of using these   Let us remind ourselves that God is a
        articles to find fault with the overseers   God of order. He has wisely established
        you know.                             order in government, in the workplace
          This  present  article,  however,  will   and in the home, and it should come as
        turn the focus toward those who are not   no surprise that He has established order
        overseers, and show from Scripture that   in the local assembly. God raises up and
        there is an acceptable manner in which   equips men to serve as shepherds, guides
        the assembly recognizes its oversight. The   and teachers of the assembly, to labor
        three chapters that deal with this subject   among the assembly, to warn, comfort and
        are 1 Thessalonians 5, 1 Timothy 5 and   give support as need arises (1Th 5:12-14).
        Hebrews 13. We encourage you to read   As these men labor tirelessly for the sake
        each of these passages prayerfully with   of the Lord and His people, there is an
        a mind to find out why the Holy Spirit   acceptable response from the believers of
        inspired the writer(s) to so clearly describe   the assembly toward its overseers.
        the recognition of assembly oversight.   The first thing the assembly can recog-
        Each of these inspired writings is within   nize is that overseers are raised up by God.
        a setting of a distressed and discomfited   Overseers don’t appoint themselves, they
        assembly. The Thessalonians were both   aren’t elected, and they aren’t selected by
        persecuted and anxious about matters   a central church leader (be careful of how
        related to the Lord’s return. The Ephesians   you understand the Authorized Version’s
        (Timothy was an overseer in Ephesus)   use of the word “ordained” in Acts 14:23
        were seeing rapidly declining conditions   and Titus 1:5). In Acts 20:28 it is clear that
        described in Paul’s two letters to young   the Holy Ghost makes the overseer, and
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