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challenges that will inevitably arise. This   to recognize, unlike their counterparts in
        road map may not be clear to those help-  the world, that any development toward a
        ing you, depending on the complexity of   goal must also take into account the spiri-
        what you hope to achieve, but in order to   tual development of the fellow believers
        be a good leader you need to have clarity   who are helping to realize the goal.
        in the path you plan to take.           As a leader gains more responsibility in
          In addition to having a good sense   a certain sphere, often an “inner circle” is
        of timing, an effective leader must also   required. An effective leader recognizes
        have an understanding of momentum.    the skills in others that would be essential
        A successful leader will sense that this   for strong leadership and will gather those
        intangible factor is an important tool for   who have the requisite skills that may be
        progress toward his vision. In Luke 13:32,   lacking in the leader. Also, it is a way for
        the Lord states, “I do cures today and   a leader to mentor others in leadership
        tomorrow, and the third day I shall be   skills. As we know, the Lord Jesus had no
        perfected.” There was a sense of flow, or   “weaknesses” but still saw it important to
        momentum, in the Lord’s ministry that led   draw Peter, James and John into His inner
        to His goal. A leader is often impeded by   circle. He knew how to delegate respon-
        challenges but will seek all means not to   sibility and, in this way, mentored others
        lose momentum toward the goal.        in leadership skills. These disciples went
          Also, to succeed, the leader needs to   on to develop sound leadership skills that
        have a determination to accomplish the   were imperative in the growing Christian
        tasks to reach his goals. This determina-  Church.
        tion can be a motivating factor for all   Finally, there is a cost to leadership. If
        those he is leading. We read how the Lord   you have a vision for some work for the
        “steadfastly set his face to go to Jerusa-  Lord, it will involve sacrifice. Are you pre-
        lem” (Luk 9:51). Progress toward any goal   pared to spend the time on the intended
        usually involves overcoming challenges.   goal and accept the possible impact on
        There are numerous examples where de-  your secular work or leisure time? Being
        termination played a vital role for leaders   a leader may also be a lonely experience
        to accomplish their goal.             and, depending on the extent of your
          Leadership also requires embracing a   exercise and the number of fellow believ-
        process rather than working through a   ers needed to achieve your vision, your
        sequence of events. The disciples were   responsibilities and time commitment will
        always very keen on what would happen   increase as you progress toward your goal.
        next, asking questions like, “How can a   In conclusion, there is a growing need
        man satisfy these men with bread here in   for leadership in Christian service. There
        the wilderness?” or, “What shall be the   are so many spheres of service available
        sign of thy coming?” or, “When will the   but a real lack of “champions” to lead.
        kingdom be restored?” These events were   How about you? Do you have a goal? Do
        important, but the Lord had a parallel   you see a sphere of service in your as-
        and more important goal of seeing His   sembly that is currently unfilled? As you
        disciples develop and mature, preparing   consider the leadership qualities of the
        them for the time when He would no lon-  Lord Jesus, may our God empower you
        ger be with them. Christian leaders need   and lead you in service to Him.

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