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be earned. The Lord did not have to do   have goals for your sphere of influence
        this but, in the same fashion that He   or have goals for any project you hope to
        “stooped” into humanity, His actions   accomplish. What are you trying to lead
        clearly described this important prin-  other believers to accomplish? Importantly,
        ciple. It has been said, “Before a person   the fellow believers you desire to lead also
        buys into a vision, the person must buy   need to know your goal. Whether great or
        into the leader.” “Buying into” a leader   small, the endpoint is what motivates us to
        is dependent upon a combination of the   engage in any task for God. If you cannot be
        leader’s character, trust, credibility, com-  excited by a goal or have a passion for it, it is
        petence, past performance, passion and   unlikely that you will draw anybody to join
        enthusiasm. To be an effective leader   you on your quest. What is your goal? There
        requires possession in some degree of   are so many needs in the assembly. Is there
        most, if not all, of these characteristics.   anything that can motivate you to “launch
        The  Lord  demonstrated  all  of  these   out” and accomplish something of value
        qualities and other important leader-  for the Lord? What about your passion?
        ship traits, such as patience, kindness   “Where there is a fire, people run to see it!”
        and humility, and was never envious   Passion is a key element that draws people
        or striving. His love was sacrificial. The   to a leader but the leader must start with
        leader has to be worthy to lead.    the goal. In addition, an effective leader will
          Furthermore,  the  Lord  attracted   use the goal as a motivating factor for those
        people because He “connected” with   fellow believers to help accomplish the goal.
        people. He was unveiling scriptural   After we consider the Lord’s overriding
        truth in a different way than the Old   goal, we can see that all of His actions re-
        Testament writers and prophets. He did   corded in the Gospel accounts were in view
        so by first attracting the heart and then   of His goal. He had a “map.” Leaders have
        the mind. He was attentive to the needs   to be aware of where they are leading oth-
        of every individual that He met and   ers, and although we cannot really know the
        tailored His approach to suit that need.   end from the beginning, a successful leader
        How are you with getting along and en-  must determine the means to get to the goal.
        gaging with people? How are you with   Effective leadership involves “charting the
                                            course” besides “steering the ship.” We can
        taking on the role of a servant? These are   see throughout the Lord’s ministry how He
        essential qualities of a Christian leader.  navigated the course for the small band
          When the Lord Jesus stepped into   that followed Him. He was aware of the
        humanity, He had one overriding goal   disciples’ spiritual development, and the
        in mind. We read that “Christ Jesus   unveiling of His purposes was done in a
        came into the world to save sinners”   deliberate manner. John 11 is an example of
        (1Ti 1:15). In other words, this was the   the Lord deliberately waiting for the death
        great goal He had in mind; He had the   of Lazarus in order to best suit the unfolding
        endpoint in view. He recognized that in   of truth and His plan. Likewise, a successful
        a few short years from the beginning of   leader needs a good sense of timing. There
        His ministry, He would be crucified (and   should be a sense of how and when to un-
        raised again from the dead) to become   fold things to those who follow. A leader
        the salvation for all who believed.   needs to be able to think ahead to discern
          In like manner, as a leader you must   the wisest path and how to deal with the
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