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“          hen  the  real  leader  speaks,   The Lord’s life, although that of a leader,

                 people listen” is a quote found
        Win leadership manuals. When it       was that of service. He stated, “Even as
                                              the Son of man came not to be ministered
        comes to our Lord Jesus Christ, He epito-  unto, but to minister, and to give his life as
        mized this role as a leader. His authority   a ransom for many” (Mat 20:28).  Service
        was apparent to all and was revealed to us,   is the true basis of Christian leadership.
        in particular, in His three-year ministry.    Most strong leaders today are those that
          What were some key elements in His   have “risen” through the ranks. A CEO of
        leadership role that can be an inspiration   a factory who “has worked himself up”
        for believers to apply to our own lives?   from the factory floor will generally have
        As a leader, the Lord Jesus was unique.   more respect, credibility and loyalty from
        He  was  “God  manifest  in  the  flesh,”   those workers than an individual para-
        but arose out of humble beginnings. He   chuted in from another company to be
        emerges from the pages of Scripture early   the leader. The Lord had humble, earthly
        in the Gospel accounts drawing men and   beginnings. He was the son of a carpenter
        women unto Himself in a seemingly ef-  and worked in that trade Himself. He
        fortless way. He did not have to learn   shared in all the trials of the small band He
        leadership “techniques” or apply the latest   was leading, and His service was symbol-
        psychological trends to draw followers   ized in that profound example when He
        after Him. He was the perfect leader, and   washed the disciples’ feet. A true leader
        what we can learn from His life in the   has to be engaged with those he is lead-
        sphere of leadership (not restricted just to   ing. It is only by sharing the good and the
        elders) is at the heart of this article. Not   bad together and truly listening to those
        all believers can be leaders, but there are   that are being led that the group will be
        characteristics and skills of leaders that   motivated to accomplish the necessary
        can be learned by those who are consid-  goals in harmony with the leader.
        ering a leadership role. For the Christian,   In the real world, leadership needs to
        what better example to consider than the   ¹ Bible quotations in this article are from the
        Lord Jesus Himself?                   KJV.

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