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work” is a reminder that, as ever, divine   redemption” (v12  RV). Old Testament
        blessing is never experienced on the basis   sacrifices were “offered year by year
        of activity. Irrespective of the dispensa-  continually” (Heb 10:1). The Lord Jesus
        tion, blessing is founded on the work of   offered “one sacrifice for sins for ever”
        the cross and received on the principle of   (v12); “the offering of the body of Jesus
        faith, allied with repentance.        Christ [was] once for all” (v10).
          Calvary will be central to their thinking.   Another distinction is that Israel’s an-
        Prominent in the passage that describes   nual ritual served as “a remembrance …
        their repentance is this: “They shall look   of sins every year,” and did nothing for
        upon me whom they have pierced” (Zec   the conscience (Heb 10:2-3). Satisfied by
        12:10). As already hinted, the language of   the work of the cross, God declares, “Their
        Isaiah 53 will flow from their lips, as they   sins and iniquities will I remember no
        confess to being like wayward sheep, but   more” (v17).
        that Jehovah “laid on him the iniquity of   Sacrifices
        us all” (v6).
                                                Having offered for himself, the priest’s
        Superiority                           activity then centered around two goats,
          A study of Leviticus 16 is a topic on its   the two constituting a single sin offering
        own, and although space is limited, we   (Lev 16:5). The first goat foreshadowed
        cannot ignore it altogether even though   the Lord’s death, with its blood being
        we have been concentrating on the Day of   sprinkled before and on the mercy seat.
        Atonement in relation to the other feasts.   It pictures His work of propitiation which
        Knowing the chapter is essential for un-
        derstanding much of the Hebrews epistle.   both satisfies God and gives us a standing
                                              before Him. The body was burned “with-
        There, the writer concentrates on contrasts   out the camp” (v27), portraying our Savior
        between the ineffectiveness of Old Testa-
        ment ritual and the sufficiency of Christ.   “suffer[ing] without the gate” (Heb 13:12).
        First, every Aaronic priest was flawed, for   A comprehensive confession of the na-
        he offered a sacrifice daily, “first for his   tion’s sins was made over the scapegoat
        own sins, and then for the people’s” (Heb   and these sins were put “upon the head
        7:27). On the Day of Atonement, he had   of the goat”; it was then led to “a land not
        first to “make an atonement for himself”   inhabited” and abandoned (Lev 16:20-22).
        (Lev 16:6). By contrast, our Great High   It is a stark reminder of another aspect of
        Priest is “holy, harmless, undefiled, sepa-  Calvary, the Psalm 22 perspective: “My
        rate from sinners” (Heb 7:26). On the Day   God, my God, why hast thou forsaken
        of Atonement, the priest required both   me?” (v1). It typifies the loneliness and
        cleansing and linen garments to make him   sense of desolation that He experienced
        a suitable type of what Christ is intrinsi-  as He bore our sins. The solitary aspect of
        cally (Lev 16:4).                     His work is typified again in that the high
          Another major contrast is in the per-  priest alone functioned in the sanctuary
        manence of what was accomplished at   that day, with “no man in the tabernacle of
        Calvary. The ancient priest went into the   the congregation when he goeth in” (Lev
        most holy place “once every year” (Heb   16:17). Says Peter of the Lord Jesus, “Who
        9:7). Christ “entered in once for all into   his own self bare our sins in his own body
        the holy place, having obtained eternal   on the tree” (1Pe 2:24).

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