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s we conclude this short series on   to which our Lord Jesus would go (Joh
               the wonderful works of God, we   10:11), “who for the joy that was set be-
        Amust not do so without address-      fore him endured the cross” (Heb 12:2).
        ing the subject of salvation. Approaching   The lost coin unquestionably represents
        the Scriptures, we find there are multiple   the helpless condition in which sinners
        words in the original languages describ-  find themselves, never seeking after God
        ing the salvation that God provides. Tak-  (Rom 3:11) and lost utterly without hope
        ing a dictionary of Bible words and an   except for the gracious illuminating light
        interlinear concordance and tracing the   of the Holy Spirit. Fittingly, the Father who
        use of these words, we find them in many   waits, looking for and desiring a response
        different settings relating to our spiritual,   from the individual, runs at the moment of
        physical, emotional, mental and moral   repentance, covering any ground the lost
        wellbeing in connection with time and   son intended to make (no penance there!).
        eternity. We learn that the theme of salva-  Confession is made (Rom 10:9), and the
        tion in the Bible is much more than a fire   picture is drawn together with another
        escape from hell. That the English words   threefold image: the best robe outlining
        “salvation/saved/save” have to be defined   our standing before God in righteousness
        by their context is an important distinction   (justification), the ring displaying the new
        to make as false teachers distort Scriptures   relationship (reconciliation), and the shoes
        to suit their evil agenda (2Pe 3:16). A   depicting the changed walk (sanctifica-
        simple example of this is 1 Timothy 2:15,   tion). On these grounds alone the fatted
        which has been exploited in an attempt   calf is killed and fellowship is enjoyed; the
        to teach that eternal salvation is obtained   son was dead, and is alive again; he was
        by good works. With this in mind, let us   lost, and is found. Truly this son could say,
        focus on the threefold aspect of salvation,   “I have been saved.”
        highlighted under these headings: Justifi-  Sanctification and the Three Persons of
        cation (past), Sanctification (present) and   the Godhead
        Glorification (future). In each instance, we   The NT declares that Christians are
        find that the entire Godhead is intimately   sanctified in each Person of the Godhead
        involved.                             – the Father (Jud 1), the Holy Spirit (1Pe
        Justification and the Three Persons of   1:2) and Christ Jesus (1Co 1:2). That is, we
        the Godhead                           have been not only positionally set apart
          Luke  15  contains  one  of  the  most   as holy for God but also provided for to
        delightful parables the Lord ever told.   make this a practical reality. The Christian
        It’s of great importance to note that it is   has three great enemies – the flesh, the
        a singular yet three-pronged parable.   world and the devil, and the Bible declares
        There were many lessons our Lord was   that these are impossible to conquer by
        communicating to His audience that day,   human intellect, willpower or physical
        but perhaps the most important was il-  strength. Sadly, the professing sphere of
        lustrating the entire Godhead at work for   Christianity is full of groups and individu-
        the justification of the sinner. The shep-  als who (even to the extent of excluding
        herd going after the lost sheep “until he   ¹ Bible quotations in this article are from the
        finds it” graphically portrays the lengths   KJV.

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