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he word “consecration” is very   as far as individual responsibility was
              similar in meaning to the word   concerned, the object of their service was
        T“sanctification.” Consecration is    the Lord Himself.
        the idea of devotion, particularly to the   In the same way, you and I have been
        Lord. Some have suggested the thought   “taken out” from the world to serve the
        of a “filling of the hands.” Sanctification   Lord. Our arena or sphere of service is es-
        is the idea of separation. It is essentially   sentially the local church. Like the priests
        separation from the world unto the Lord   and Levites that served in the tabernacle
        and carries with it the thought of holiness.   and in the temple, we have been sanctified
        Both sanctification and consecration are   in order that we might be consecrated, or
        required if we are going to effectively   set apart in order that we might serve. As
        serve the Lord in any capacity.       in the tabernacle, so in the local church
          An important use of the word “conse-  of which you and I form a part there is
        crate” is found in Exodus 28:3 where the   diversity of responsibility. Romans 12, 1
        Lord instructs Moses to take Aaron and   Corinthians 12, Ephesians 4 and 1 Peter
        his sons out from among the children of   4 outline the gifts or areas of service that
        Israel in order that they might minister to   God  has  assigned  to  each  member  as
        the Lord in the office of the priesthood.   well as the manner in which they are to
        They were to be consecrated to the Lord.   operate.
        The  word  “minister”  means  to  serve.   What we will notice as we read those
        The arena or sphere of their service was   passages is that, while there is diversity,
        the tabernacle. The mode or type of their   there is unity, all working together for the
        service was the priesthood, particularly   benefit and blessing of the whole. If we
        the sacrifices of the Lord.           read carefully, we will learn that there is
          There were also a number of other du-  no room for independence if we are going
        ties and responsibilities associated with   to be effective in our service for the Lord.
        serving in the tabernacle. Not all priests   There is not only the thought of unity but
        offered sacrifices upon the altar; there   also the thought of interdependence. We
        were also responsibilities assigned for the   will discover as well that each is not only
        maintenance of the tabernacle. Each per-  dependent upon the other, but each is
        son had a particular duty or responsibility,   actually responsible for the other.
        but they all worked together so that it was   We want to notice as well that the idea of
        one work. Although there was diversity   ministry is the idea of service. Our service

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