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Submission According to the           cover to cover teaches that every human
        World of Men                          being has been created in the image of
                                              God; the weak, the poor and the vulner-
          Submission is not a popular idea in   able are not to be exploited or oppressed.
        today’s world. It is often referenced in a   Furthermore, the gospel is a message of
        negative way by political activists. The   forgiveness and reconciliation, life and
        word “submission” to them is viewed   liberty, peace and joy, as well as hope
        in the context of one group of people   and assurance. It is a message of blessing
        dominating  and  violently  subjugating   for all. It does not discriminate against
        another group. The narrative continues:   anyone.
        as a result of the injustice inflicted by the   The submission which God seeks from
        cruel oppressors, the subjugated people   His children is totally different from that
        are denied their basic human rights. They   of the world. It is a noble Christian grace.
        are humiliated and forced to comply with   Those who once were rebel sinners have
        all sorts of demeaning rules.         been transformed to become yielded ser-
          These  activists  often  claim  the  high   vants of the living God. But how does this
        moral ground as champions of liberty   change take place? Those who come to
        and human dignity – until the moment   Christ for salvation are marked by repen-
        one disagrees with their worldview! Sud-  tance, faith and love. All of these features
        denly, a new tyranny comes to light that   display different aspects of submission
        is starkly undignified: liberty is only to be   before God.
        granted to those whom they deem worthy
        of it and, so often, Bible-loving Christians   Repentance – We Agree With
        are not included. This is one of the glaring   God and Accept His Word
        paradoxes so obvious in society today.  Repentance is a complete change of

        Submission According to the           mind and heart. Before conversion, some
        Word of God                           might have had their own ideas about
                                              God, about Christ, about themselves and
          It is always refreshing to turn away from   about the future. Perhaps they thought
        these dark and claustrophobic ideas so   that God was some kind of remote being
        prevalent in the world and seek out the   who was not overly concerned about those
        light and “fresh air” of God’s Word. No   living upon the earth. Christ was viewed
        Christian advocates the shameful mis-  as being no more than an itinerant teacher
        treatment of others. In fact, the Bible from   and healer who set a good example. Al-

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