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Campbell, Ernie Dellandrea and Wallace   and attended Unionville Gospel Hall.
        Buckle. Fred was the boat’s cook.       During Fred’s nearly sixty-year ministry
          In 1964, after much exercise and prayer,   there were many stories of how the Lord
        Fred was commended to the work by the   answered  prayer,  sometimes  miracu-
        assembly in Pape Avenue. He then went   lously. One evening in Sault Ste. Marie,
        to the Haliburton Highlands with Stan   a storm took out all the electricity in the
        Simms for gospel preaching and teaching   town except for that of the gospel hall.
        the Word of God.                      Because all the stores and businesses had
          In August 1965, Fred married a Scottish   to close, one man whose place of work
        lass named Morag Taylor who had also   had closed decided to attend the gospel
        been attending Pape Avenue Gospel Hall   meeting. During the meeting that man
        and who had immigrated with her family   realized his need for a Savior and put his
        to Toronto in 1956. After the honeymoon,   faith and trust in the Lord Jesus Christ.
        the newlyweds moved to the New Car-   Another time, Fred boldly asked the Lord
        low and Bancroft area to help with the   to give him a specific number of souls for
        assembly there.                       heaven in one year. By December 31 of
          Three years later they moved to Milton,   the year, that exact number had come to
        Ontario, and began to fellowship at Milton   know the Lord during Fred’s preaching.
        Gospel Hall. Their daughter Heather was   Fred’s salvation and call to ministry, had a
        born in February 1972. From this location,   profound impact on his mother, who saw
        Fred travelled to all parts of Canada and   the change in her son and came to know
        the United States, ministering and engag-  the Lord as a result of his testimony. In
        ing in gospel and children’s work. Dunker-  time, other family members in Germany
        ton and Alycetown, Iowa, were visited in   came to know the Lord too.
        the summer months where tent meetings   Several months of health challenges in
        would take place for six or seven weeks.   mid-2022 took their toll on Fred’s body,
        Assembly  conferences  were  attended   and on the afternoon of November 3, 2022,
        throughout North America during the   Fred was called home to be with his Lord
        year and visits to smaller assemblies were   and Savior. In the months prior to his pass-
        always a highlight for Fred. His ministry   ing, Fred accepted his health limitations
        was fruitful and resulted in the salvation   with grace and acceptance.
        of many souls.                          Fred never forgot what the Lord had
          In the mid-1980s, Fred had the privilege   done for him by bringing him all the way
        of leading a group of fifty believers from   from Europe to Canada to personally meet
        the US and Canada to Israel. There would   him on a busy Toronto street and show
        be four subsequent trips there, including   him the way of salvation. In return, Fred
        Rome and Turkey, and one trip to Scot-  dedicated his life to serve the One who
        land, England and Wales. These trips were   saved him and gave him life-changing
        a wonderful time of fellowship with be-  peace and joy. He would say, “It was the
        lievers and those they met on their travels.  greatest honor and privilege of my life to
          Fred and Morag moved to Keswick,    serve the Lord Jesus Christ.”
        Ontario, in 1999 and attended Newmarket   “I have fought a good fight, I have
        Gospel Hall until 2021 when they moved   finished the race, I have kept the faith”
        to Bethany Courts in Unionville, Ontario,   (2Ti 4:7).

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