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iegfried Jurgen Krauss was born in   1958, Fred came upon a small group of
              a small mountain resort in Lower   people preaching from the Bible. In about
        SSilesia, Germany, on January 28,     half an hour, the message of the crucified,
        1936, to Rudolph and Melanie Krauss.   buried and risen Saviour that came to seek
        Fred was the second son of three boys.   and to save that which was lost did what
        His early days were happy and carefree,   the doctrines of Nazism and communism
        unaffected by the war that would soon   could not do: it captivated his soul. He was
        erupt in Europe. He learned the first   invited to attend special gospel meetings
        three commandments in the local village   where he heard more of God’s way of sal-
        Lutheran church; that was the extent of   vation. On a Lord’s day night in October,
        his religious instruction. In the spring of   Fred stayed to talk to someone willing to
        1945 the mountains and valleys suddenly   explain salvation. In the reading of John
        echoed with the frightful sound of heavy   6:37, “Him that cometh to Me, I will in
        artillery day and night. The Krauss family   no wise cast out,” were an invitation and
        had to flee and leave everything behind.   a promise that brought hope to Fred for
        The next few years were unsettling, and   the first time in his life. Soon, through the
        the emotional trauma from the war left   reading of John 5:24, Fred saw that Jesus
        Fred’s heart empty, heavy and searching   died for him and that God had laid on
        for meaning even at this tender age.  Christ, upon the cruel cross at Calvary, all
                                              of his sins. He believed those words and
          After the war, Fred wondered if there   was saved that very night.
        was a God. He had a burning desire to
                                                Fred began attending Pape Avenue Gos-
        know the purpose of life. Where was   pel Hall, fellowshipping with the believers
        justice? What is man’s purpose? Why am   there, learning the Scriptures and enjoying
        I here? Where was real happiness and   the peace for which he had been searching.
        peace to be found? He sought the answer   In due time he was baptized and received
        to these questions through religion, arts   into fellowship. It wasn’t long before Fred
        and philosophy, but all left him empty.   began to hear God’s voice calling him into
        He was restless and seeking. He recalled   full-time work to tell others the marvelous
        “having no rest or peace,” until he was on   gospel. Over the course of six years, Fred
        his way to Canada. After being robbed on   continued to seek God’s will and partici-
        the ship, he arrived in Toronto with just a   pated in several gospel campaigns. One
        couple of dollars and an address of where   of these outreaches took place on a boat
        he could lodge.                       in Newfoundland and Labrador during
          Walking thoughtfully through a To-  the summer months in the early 1960s
        ronto park on a warm summer’s night in   with fellow workers Burt Joyce, George

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