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“        ur friend Lazarus sleepeth; but   Does He even care? With their prayers
               I go, that I may awake him out
                                              clouded by the “if only’s” of grief and their
        Oof sleep” (Joh 11:11).  While this   minds full of uncertainty, they couldn’t
        phrase may have confused His disciples,   consider the greater goal. But what pur-
        the Lord Jesus is patiently priming their   pose could there be in such pain and loss?
        minds for what He is about to teach them.   The answer is found in the Lord’s words
        He plans to instruct them in sympathy   before He ever moves toward the eastern
        as they witness His compassion for the   slope of Mt. Olivet.
        sisters at Bethany. They will be educated   When first told of Lazarus’ sickness, the
        about future events when He discusses   Lord said this was “for the glory of God,
        resurrection with Martha; furthermore,   that the Son of God might be glorified
        their faith will be strengthened when their   thereby” (v4). But there was also a pur-
        dead friend is raised to life. Most impor-  pose here that was to be very personal and
        tantly, though, as with the events sur-  practical. When He said, “I am glad” (v15),
        rounding every other “I AM” statement,   it was not only the potential for displaying
        this journey to Judea will highlight specific   God’s power that He was rejoicing in but
        virtues of the Lord Jesus and demonstrate   “for your sakes.” Effectively, this event
        His Messianic claims.                 was permitted for the glory of God and the
          In these articles, we aim to be taught   development of their faith. This is empha-
        in the same school. Following Him from   sized in the words “that ye might believe.”
        Bethabara  to Lazarus’ tomb, we will ap-  Those standing by would see the mighty
        preciate the character of our High Priest   works and believe, bringing glory to God,
        as He weeps with them that weep. Lis-  and those who were already believers
        tening to His conversations, we will note   would be strengthened in their faith and
        the value of resurrection to the grieving   drawn closer to Him (vv15,42,45).
        and, through a survey of the Scriptures,   Witnessing a true Shepherd caring for
        we will learn the order and significance   His sheep, we see two keys to understand-
        of resurrection, never forgetting that the   ing the basis of Christian consolation.
        emphasis is not just on life from the dead   First, there is the compassion displayed
        but on the preeminence of the Life Giver.  in the personal contact between the Com-
          Martha and Mary were convinced that   forter and the comforted; we will call this
        their brother would not have died if the   “Consoling Tenderness.” Then, under the
        Lord had been there (vv21,32). We picture   title of “Comforting Teaching,” we will
        the two at the bedside of their terminally   learn the importance of sound doctrine
        ill sibling. Helpless and fearful, no doubt   as a ballast in life’s storms.
        they wondered, Does the Lord know?    Consoling Tenderness
        ¹ Bible quotations in this article are from the
        KJV.                                    While the Lord Jesus did not become
        ² cf. Joh 10:40; 1:28                 our Great High Priest until after His

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