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xodus begins with a man standing   in the holiest of all with the ark and the
              on “holy ground,” and concludes   mercy seat, working from the inside out.
        Ewith a man putting on “holy gar-     It is called “the holy ark” (2Ch 35:3) and
        ments” to carry out service in the holy   typifies Christ in His incorruptibility –
        place of the most holy house. Whether   the “ark of shittim wood” (Exo 25:10),
        examining the tabernacle or the temple,   and His deity – overlaid “with pure gold,
        both teach us typically God’s “golden   within and without” (v11). This truth was
        standard” of holiness, a standard He still   revealed in the words of the angel to Mary,
        expects in the local assembly today. Paul   “That holy thing which shall be born of
        writes, “The temple of God is holy, which   thee shall be called the Son of God” (Luk
        temple ye are” (1Co 3:17). 1          1:35). Today we look not to an earthly ark
                                              but to Christ in heaven, still God’s golden
        The Tabernacle – A Golden             standard as He walks in the midst of the
        Standard                              “golden lampstands,” shining light on one
                                              girt about with a golden girdle and who
        A Holy People                         speaks as “he that is holy” and “he that is
          Though they didn’t always live up to it,   true” (Rev 3:7).
        the people of Israel were called “an holy   The Holy Priesthood
        nation” (Exo 19:6), chosen and separated
        to be a special people unto God. What they   Peter  states  that  holiness  begins  by
        were positionally God expected them to   “gird[ing] up the loins of your mind”
        be practically. God’s reason for holiness   (1Pe 1:13), and it is on the forehead of
        among His people has never changed,   Aaron the high priest that we find the
        and Peter, quoting from Leviticus, writes,   golden standard in four words engraved
        “Be ye holy; for I am holy” (1Pe 1:16).   on a golden crown: “HOLINESS TO THE
        The holiness of God’s people required   LORD” (Exo 28:36). Here was a man who
        two things: a holy man to represent the   looked different, who sounded different
        people before God and a holy sanctuary   and who moved differently from everyone
        where he may serve on their behalf, in the   else. The holiness of Aaron is a type of the
        presence of God.                      holiness of Christ, our Great High Priest,
                                              who is “holy, harmless, undefiled, sepa-
        The Holy Pattern                      rate from sinners” (Heb 7:26). The holiness
          An Israelite approaching the tabernacle   of Aaron’s sons typifies the priesthood of
        met a wall of fine twined linen, a picture   all believers, “an holy priesthood, to offer
        of righteousness according to Revelation   up spiritual sacrifices, acceptable to God
        19:8. But as God reveals the holy pattern to   by Jesus Christ” (1Pe 2:5). If there is to
        Moses through His Word, He commences   be something of the glory and beauty of
        ¹ Scripture quotations in this article are from the   Christ in us as we serve in the assembly,
        KJV.                                  we will look and sound different, and

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