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nature and character of the holiness of   tain. They dared not approach and were
        God were manifested in the perfect life   warned of the consequences of doing so.
        and sacrificial death of the Lord Jesus   In those circumstances they were com-
        (Heb 7:26). Christ’s purity was attested to   missioned as a holy people, to be separate
        by demons (Luk 4:34); His impeccability   and distinct; they were associated with the
        was acknowledged by those who were    name of this awe-inspiring God (Exo 19:6).
        saved (Luk 5:8), and He was also declared   The consequences of this marked every
        faultless by sinners (Luk 23:14).     aspect of their national life. It was con-
                                              firmed to them every week by the sabbath
        The Impact of the Holiness of         day, which was sanctified to the Lord (Exo
        God                                   16:23). Such was the holiness of God’s

          The realization of the essential holiness   presence that a particular tribe from that
        of God had a lasting impact and left an   nation was set apart to minister to Him.
        indelible mark on those to whom it was   As has been often noted, this allowed one
        revealed. Moses was looking after sheep   man, from one race, of one nation and
        in the wilderness when God revealed   one tribe, who belonged to one family, to
        Himself in a thorn bush. At the close of   enter the presence of God on one day in
        his life, the impression of the one who   one year. This fact alone should impress
        “dwelt in the bush” (Deu 33:16) was still   us with the reality of the holiness of God.
        vibrant in his memory. He was told to   God’s holiness was also exhibited to
        remove his shoes, as the place whereon he   believers at the beginning of this era. Peter,
        was standing was holy ground (Exo 3:5).   James and John were privileged to accom-
        The mountain and place where he was   pany Christ onto a mountain top; Peter
        standing were consecrated and sanctified   never lost sight of the transfigured glory of
        by God’s presence, and Moses willingly   Christ and the wonder of that experience.
        renounced any claim to its possession (cf.   He wrote at the end of his life, “We were
        Deu 25:9).                            with him in the holy mount” (2Pe 1:18).
          In a similar way, Isaiah, who had been   The Implications of the
        moving and ministering among an un-
        clean people and had been strident in   Holiness of God
        his condemnation of their sinful ways,   The challenge to our generation is this:
        was awestruck at the holiness of God. He   What does the holiness of God mean to
        received a heavenly vista of the Lord’s   us? We are told, “Be ye holy; for I am
        person, and upon seeing the majesty   holy” (1Pe 1:16). Peter, in this passage, is
        and superlative glory of the Almighty,   quoting from Leviticus (11:44; 19:2; 20:7).
        exclaimed, “Woe is me … I am a man of   The holiness of God distinguished His
        unclean lips” (Isa 6:5). This undoubtedly   people; they were separate in their diet,
        impacted his ministry among such a rebel-  dress and distinctiveness. We are also a
        lious nation.                         distinct people who have been sanctified,
          The nation of Israel was affected by   and as such are identified and associated
        God’s holiness. At Sinai (the mountain   with this holy God.
        of God) the Lord descended in fire. The   We are commanded to pursue “peace
        people saw the smoke and heard the noise   with all men, and holiness, without which
        of thunder from the top of the moun-  no man shall see the Lord” (Heb 12:14).

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