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“      nd  there  were  also  two  other,   The criminals also shared in the same

               malefactors, led with him to be
        Aput to death. And when they were     mockery. Matthew (27:44) and Mark (15:32)
                                              both tell us that they participated with the
        come to the place, which is called Calvary,   crowd in their insults of the Lord Jesus.
        there they crucified him, and the malefac-  But as we will see, one of the convicts
        tors, one on the right hand, and the other   persisted in his taunts while the other had
        on the left” (Luk 23:32-33).          a change of mind.
          A study of the two criminals crucified   Quite obviously, they also shared in the
        with the Lord Jesus reveals that they had   same  condemnation. The penitent felon
        much in common. For one, they shared the   made it clear that their condemnation
        same privilege. It is probable that they were   was just: “We are getting what we deserve
        both Jews, for Roman citizens were rarely   for what we did” (Luk 23:41 NET), a rare
        crucified. Also, the language of the repen-  admission of honesty from someone sen-
        tant felon (v42) indicated his awareness   tenced to die.
        of the Jews’ messianic hope. Their Jewish   But these two men also shared the same
        background would mean a familiarity   opportunity. It seemed providential for the
        with the Old Testament Scriptures. Un-  Savior to be upon the middle cross, for His
        like the pagan world around them, they   placement there gave both of them equal
        had Moses and the prophets and could   access to the One who was able to save
        respond in faith to God’s Word (see 16:29).  them. And they were in desperate need
        ¹ All Scripture quotations in this article are from   of saving, with only hours left before they
        the KJV unless otherwise noted.       breathed their last.
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