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he idea that clothing does not mat-  in the “holy garments … for glory and for
              ter is one of the strange illiteracies   beauty” (Exo 28:2) worn by Israel’s high
        Tof contemporary western society.     priest. Every stitch of these remarkable
        With a vapid lack of reflection, and with   garments, described in Exodus 28 and 39,
        little thought of what we might be losing   was designed to communicate profound
        in the process, we have cut ourselves loose   spiritual truth: about Aaron and his priest-
        from centuries of culture, and reduced   hood, in the first instance, but, beyond
        the role of clothing to the merely func-  and above that, about the person and
        tional or, at most, to an expression of our   priesthood of the Lord Jesus Christ. The
        own personality (or, in the case of those   Christological aspect of these garments
        who festoon themselves with logos and   is a study that should commend itself
        labels, our lack thereof). We congratulate   to every believer,  but, especially in the
        ourselves on our freedom from constraint   context of our present study, we should
        and convention, but we have purchased   remember that they also served to tell the
        that freedom at the cost of being able to   Israelites something about the ministry
        communicate, non-verbally, our respect,   that their high priest carried out on their
        our decorum and our sense of occasion.  behalf. Their significance for the Israelites
          Scripture is replete with examples of   is implicit in the fact that these garments
        the significance of dress. From the fig leaf   were “to consecrate” Aaron – to set him
        aprons that proved such an inadequate   apart from the rest of the camp. Similarly,
        covering for Adam and Eve to the fine   while the expression “for glory and for
        linen of the saints in Revelation 19, we   beauty” has been variously understood,
        are reminded, again and again, that cloth-  both “glory” and “beauty” emphasise
        ing communicates as well as covers. And   ¹ This aspect of the garments is thoroughly explored in
                                              Andy McIlree, Garments for Glory: Types and Shadows of
        perhaps nowhere is this more evident than   Israel’s High Priest, (privately published, 2018).

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